Why Does An Iron On Patches Take A Longer Time To Stick? Top 4 Reasons

iron patches

Iron on Patch is a striking way of displaying badges and awards of societies and clubs. Beyond hiding the torn and scruffy part of an outfit, it is a cool and convenient way to upgrade your style without stitching. 

But it goes fine in the initial stage then starts peeling off from the edges and at times it completely falls off. Anyhow, if it is losing its place, it will turn your dress into a ruffled one.

However, it is necessary to apply an iron patch properly to last for longer. These patches have an adhesive glue that helps to adhere and a certain temperature is required for the perfect bonding. 

If you follow the instructions properly, your patches will survive even after many cycles of washing. Otherwise, it will peel off and waste your hard work.

In this article, letā€™s take a look at how to prevent your iron-on patches from falling apart.

5 Reasons Why Iron Patches Arenā€™t StickingĀ 

Choose the Right Iron on Patches

Most people choose iron-on patches for several reasons. Here’s how can you pick the right type of patch:

  • Know The Material

The selection of the right patches is the game-changer for your outfit. You can use iron-on patches for various kinds of fabrics like cotton, denim, and polyester. When choosing the right patches, keep in mind that materials like leather, polyester, and nylon have a more possibility of burning from iron. These materials canā€™t hold the temperature of heat press which can devalue the texture and color of clothing and patches. Using the wrong material for iron-on patches can damage your clothes.  

For example: if you want to give an outstanding touch to your outfits, get various stylish custom embroidery patches. These patches are perfect for enforcement agencies, fashion brands, and military organizations.Ā 

  • Understand Placement & Size 

Placement and size are the important factors that impact to add spark in your clothing. If the size of a patch is incorrect, you put more effort to adjust it to the right place. 

Before choosing the correct size, you need to know where you place the patch. The placement of the patch depends on the size. The patch placed on the back of a shirt must be larger as compared to the front of the shirt. 

Suitable Temperature of Iron

The suitable temperature of iron plays a vital role in sticking patches. Some patches requires much more time in applying than others. If you are lazy and looking for quicker options, then large patches shouldnā€™t be your priority. 

Before applying a patch, you need to read the instructions carefully. This will ensure you applied a patch correctly. If you show carelessness, it will peel off easily and leave stains on other clothes at the time of washing. 

Clean the Surface Of The Dirt

Always use a brush over the surface gently while washing your garments. You have to be sure, your item must be completely dry before applying a patch.

Proper cleaning of patches is also important to prolong them for a lifetime. Protect them from fading, and remove dirt and stains to refresh the colors. The particular instructions depend on the material of the fabric and the making of the patch

Smooth Surface To Attach Patches Properly

The surface where you are deciding to place your patch must be wrinkle-free smooth, as wrinkles can interrupt the bonding. 

Some surfaces of fabrics are comparatively easier to handle than others. Similarly, choose a clean surface that you prefer for ironing your patch to stick on. You need to place a double-up towel to maintain heat resistance.

Silicon Coated Paper

What do you think using paper instead of cloth is the right choice for iron on patches? It is!Ā  Silicon-coated paper is not only useful but also budget-friendly.

Most people prefer it for the perfect bonding of patches over a cloth. It is the best heat resistant. 

Causes a Patch to Fall Off

  • Incorrect application on a surface which is not flat or smooth
  • Not surfing at an ideal time of heat and pressure on a patch
  • Washing an outfit many times
  • Uncover a patch from extreme heat or cold 

How to prevent patches from falling off?

If you are using high-quality patches, usually you have a fear sudden falling off a patch. Here are a few tips that can help:

  • After applying an iron patch on your outfit, pop a stitch around the edges to ensure double security that your patch wonā€™t fall off. Donā€™t need to stitch it completely
  • You donā€™t need to worry about the stitches, they will be invisible and match the color of the patch which never destroys the appearance of the design
  • Donā€™t wash your piece of clothing excessively with extreme cold or hot water. Use lukewarm water and wash gently with your hands
  • Donā€™t forget to turn your outfit inside out while washing. Always dry them in the open air, and avoid direct sunlight. Use a sponge to clean your outfit but avoid the patch.

How to Fix Iron on Patch on Clothing

You require a piece of clothing that you want to fix iron on the patch. It can be any type of clothing item, jeans, shorts, and a skirt.

Pick a suitable fabric that can hold the high heat of iron. Other fabrics like nylon, rayon, and polyester are not suitable for iron-on patches. They canā€™t hold these patches. 

  • Position Of Your Patch

Before fixing your patch, you need to adjust the position of your clothing item. Wrong directions destroy the look of your outfit. For centering the patch, use a measuring tape to ensure the exact spot. For sleeves, use pins for placing a patch and checking yourself to see in a mirror to make sure you placed a patch in the right position. 

  • Heat The Iron

Set the highest temperature of iron. Follow the mentioned instruction on the care tag. If there is no care tag, use the iron at the lowest temperature. But make sure, you must hold the iron for a long time until its adhesive back melts and help a patch to stitch over your fabric properly. 

  • Let it rest

Once you ensure the adhesive substance has bonded perfectly then take off the iron over the patch. Let your fabric and patch cool down for a while. After 5 to 10 minutes, you can uplift the fabric in a vertical position. See the fabric that there are any spots where the patch hasnā€™t fully stuck. If necessary, repeat the same process until the patch is fully bonded to the fabric.

Final Thoughts

Iron-on patches are the perfect way to have an amazing look for your outfits. These patches are available in various designs and vibrant colors. You can also get custom patches to increase the outlook of your lovable clothing items.

Before fixing your iron patch over your outfit, you have to check the quality of the fabric. Is it ideal for the fabric or can damage itself and patch too? For the perfect bonding, you need to stitch your patches from the edges to make sure that they never fall off. Follow the above guidelines to stick to your patch for a long time and never become a reason for wasting your hard work.