Why does the Echo Show Say Offline even Alexa Echo is connected to WiFi?

Amazon is offering a smart Digital assistant that is known as Alexa. It is very popular all around the world. When you’re using Alexa in order to take control of your echo smart speaker, then your voice commands are going to tell the echo in order to play the music.

You will be able to check the weather, ask questions, share the sports scores, deliver the news, and control various other smart devices as well as more. There are at times when you are going to see the Echo Show offline

There are many reasons why you must have been saying this. Sometimes these causes can result in the Echo offline issue.

Echo Dot Offline

Well, this issue can be resolved easily and quickly and easily with the help of a little bit of troubleshooting. Before troubleshooting, let us see the causes of the Echo Dot Offline.

What are the Causes of Alexa saying the Echo is Offline:

There are various reasons why you might see that your echo device is offline and is not able to respond to Alexa. The Alexa app on your smartphone or the echo device might have been outdated.

It can also be that the echo is not connected with the power. The Wi-Fi might be spotty or it can be malfunctioning and the echo might be too far from the router.

Whatever the cause may be, there are some troubleshooting steps that you can follow:

Troubleshooting Steps

Make sure that your echo device is plugged in:

First, you need to very verify is that the outlet has the power, then make sure the echo is correctly plugged in using the original power adapter.

Restart the Echo device:

This is one of the simplest troubleshooting steps that often works for many digital malfunctions in the tech world. You can restart the Alexa-enabled device and see if this solves the problem.

Move the Amazon Echo that is closer to the router:

Well, sometimes the echo is going to work fine but it shows as Echo offline in the Alexa app as there is a weak connection between the echo and the modem or the router.

Moving the Amazon echo closer to the modem/router Wi-Fi signal.

Check the Wi-Fi connectivity:

If the Wi-Fi is down, Echo will appear offline. Check if the router is working mode and also it display the lights are green. If there is a red light, there is an issue with the router. Restart the modem and reboot the router in order to get the Wi-Fi back up and running.

Make sure your smartphone and echo on the same network:

If your smartphone and Alexa app are working on different networks, the echo won?t be able to respond. Make sure that both are going to be on the same network.

Update the software version of the echo:

As the echo must receive the updates automatically, then an outdated version of the software may cause the offline issue.

You must also check the echo device?s software version and then update it if it is necessary.

Restart the Alexa app on your Phone:

Sometimes, the issue could be a software glitch. Restart the Alexa app from the settings menu, then you can relaunch the app. Well, see if this is going to solve the offline issue or not.

Update the Alexa App on your Phone:

Well, if restarting and relaunching the app is not working, then you can update the app. Well, you need to go to the iTunes app store and Google play. See there, if any updated version is available.

When you update the app and then see if this resolves the issue.

Uninstall and Reinstall:

Well, if restarting and updating the Alexa app is not helping, then you need to uninstall the Alexa app on your iPhone and Android device. Then from there, you can reinstall the Alexa app from the google play store or the iTunes app store.

Reset the Echo to Factory Settings:

When everything else is going to fail, and the Alexa app is still not going to show the echo device as being online and reset the echo to its original settings. When you choose this option, then register it to the Amazon account and enter the device settings in the Alexa app in order to use it again.

Well, these are the ways through which you will be able to resolve the Echo Show Offline. If you see that you are still facing the issues and are not able to resolve them, then get in touch with our experts. They will provide you with definite solutions!


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