Why do you need a Jutti in your wardrobe?

You may have seen a Jutti and thought, “What is that?”

The word ?Jutti? is derived from the Hindi word ?gota? which means the soft sole of the foot. They are traditionally worn by those in Punjabi culture as well as some Hindu communities. Since they are worn on your feet, there is no need for laces or zips and they can be put on very quickly.

The significance of Juttis in a wardrobe: Women often wear them because they are easier to slip into than most shoes. And they go with most traditional outfits as well is indo-western outfits.

This shoe is often called as the most comfortable shoe because it’s light-weight, durable, and provides good insulation. Jutti comes with a leather upper and a leather lining which not only gives it an elegant look but also makes it more durable.

The jutti has been there for centuries, with its popularity increasing over the years. This type of footwear usually comes in many different sizes making it easier to find one that fits you perfectly; they also come in various shapes such as flat or high heels, so you can choose whichever best suits your need.

Want to know why Juttis are a must in every women?s wardrobe?

  • FEET FRIENDLY – A pair of top quality Juttis with the correct heart and sole will always look after your feet. Juttis feature no heels to complicate your life, but they do cover your feet gently and give padding. Juttis are a must-have for those who seek comfort.
  • FUN LOVERS ? All the nonstop dancers, joyful hoppers, and ‘pick up your lehenga and get to the chaat counter first’ gals will agree that you should be in your Juttis if you want to have fun while looking on-point.
  • MANY LOOK OPTIONS – Kurtas, skirts, dresses, suits, saris, lehengas, and jeans ? it’s difficult to think of an ensemble that Juttis can’t complete (or improve). Juttis has you covered whether you want to dress up a plain white shirt and denim jeans for a lunch date or dance in a sari at your best friend’s wedding.
  • ETHNIC VIBES – It’s amazing how Juttis give every ensemble the ethnic vibe we all like. They make your whole thing appear off-kilter and catchy without even trying.
  • THE SHEER VARIETY – Juttis are now available in an endless variety of styles, patterns, colours, and designs. And, if you haven’t done so before, you must visit DELCO SHOES to see for yourself. DELCO SHOES has something for every Jutti enthusiast, from delicate thread work to dramatic designs, pastel pastels to subtle sparkle.

There are different types of juttis that a woman can have in her wardrobe for every occasion, it?s become a must have accessory, irrespective of the season. A balanced mix of tradition and modernity goes into designing these beautiful juttis by Delco shoes. These ethnic beauties can be paired not only with Indian outfits, but also for a crazy night at a cocktail party/sangeet, or a girls? night out at a dance club.

Vibrant juttis-

Vibrant juttis are ideal for an ultra-feminine style. They’re perfect for maxi and skater dresses. Pair them with high waisted shorts or jumpsuits for a more edgy vibe. Geometric patterns are appropriate for business wear and look excellent with a pristine white shirt and chinos.

Tassel or Pompoms-

These tassels and pompoms are a popular choice among jutti designers. Using this specific embellishment or add-on, you may transform your traditional footwear into something more modern.

Leather juttis

These leather juttis combine traditional Indian footwear with a normal western fabric for a casual everyday look that can be worn with denims, white salwar-kurtas, desi style palazzos, and almost anything else. Designer jutti brands are now adding additional padding and cushioning to the inside of their shoes to make them more pleasant to wear.

Handcrafted embroidered juttis-

This style is classic, but you can spice it up by wearing it with jeans, a short skirt, or a dress. Rubbing the juttis together or on another surface might harm the embellishments and needlework.

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