Why Do People Prefer Human Hair Wigs?

Are you considering buying a wig to have a new look or hide your hair issues? Buying a perfect hair wig can be a challenging task, especially with the number of choices you have around. When it comes to styling, wigs like Marley crochet hair make a great choice. But there are several other factors that a buyer considers while buying a wig. Considering all those factors, many people opt for human hair wigs over synthetic ones. Here are the top reasons why most wig wearers today invest in human hair wigs.

They Look Real

The first and foremost reason why most people prefer human hair wigs is that they look real. Unlike some synthetic wigs that feel like plastic and look like a wig, human hair wigs look and feel natural. Undoubtedly, they are more natural in texture and touch. Human wigs are finer and softer than synthetic wigs. Moreover, the hairline also looks natural in human hair wigs.

Also, their movement of the hair is more realistic. If you are wearing a human hair wig, others will never find it out until you tell them yourself. So, if you need to wear a wig but you want it to look as natural as possible, human hair wigs make a safe choice.

They are Easy to Style

It is no secret that human hair wigs are more versatile in nature than synthetic wigs. You can style your human hair wigs according to your preference. In fact, many wigs are easy to cut to shape. It is very easy to straighten, trim, or layer Brazilian human hair wigs. If you want to add more volume, you can get a layered style with a shoulder-length human wig.

Also, you can even color your wig in different shades. But you have to be careful while coloring as the use of too much colorant can damage the hair. As human hair wigs are absolutely real, you can style them just like your natural hair. However, it is better to get your human hair wig styled by professionals for the right usage without any damage.

They are Heat Resistant & Tangle Less

Human hair wigs are way more heat resistant than synthetic wigs. When it comes to synthetic wigs, they are likely to melt or get frizzy permanently if they come in contact with a heat source or open flame. However, that is not the case with human hair wigs. You can easily use heated rollers, blow dryers, or curling tongs on your human wigs without any worries.

This is what makes these wigs more popular. Furthermore, synthetic wigs get tangled quite easily because they are thicker than natural hair. But the fineness of human hairs makes them less susceptible to tangling. However, it does not mean that human hair wigs can never tangle. It may happen at times, but it is less frequent than in synthetic wigs.

They last longer

Talking about durability, human hair wigs can easily beat synthetic wigs any day. Human hair wigs are more durable than synthetic counterparts, and many wig wearers have experienced it themselves. Synthetic wigs can last around three to six months, but human hair wigs can last for many years. The durability of human hair wigs is what makes them more cost-effective than synthetic wigs. Thus, if you are looking for hair extensions or wigs that you can keep and wear for years, go for brazilian human hair wigs.

They can be customized for fit.

Another amazing thing about human wigs is that you can customize them for a perfect fit. You can ask the professional to customize your wig to your exact head size so that it fits you well. The advantage of having a well-fitted wig is that they are secure and safe. It means you can carry on with your active life while wearing a human wig without worrying about your wig dislodging accidentally.

The 100% real hair wig is the best thing that you can get for your natural hair as it responds like real hair. It absorbs moisture, and you can add or remove colors to your wig. Apart from giving you a realistic look, custom-made human wigs offer features that you can?t get with synthetic wigs. In addition, due to their realistic appearance and added security, human hair wigs can boost your self-esteem and confidence that some wig wearers often lack.


These are a few reasons why human hair wigs are so popular among wig wearers. However, one of the downsides of human hair wigs is that they are costlier than synthetic wigs. If you are looking for inexpensive alternatives, you can opt for Marley crochet hair wigs.

But if you can afford it, it is preferable to choose human wigs. Although human hair wigs are expensive, their realistic appearance, versatility, and durability make them worthwhile. The natural look and feel of human wigs are worth the additional cost.