Why Buy White-labelled Gojek Clone Script For Multi Services Business

gojek clone script

In the last few years, White-labelling Script Solution have grown their popularity. For those, who think White-labelling is not reliable and it is a copied product, let?s clear this misunderstanding first why you need it for Gojek clone script?

White-label Gojek Clone Script Solution?

The White-labelling On-demand App comes with your business’s branding. As a result, even while the original developer still owns the source code and architecture, it will appear to have been produced by your business. The key benefit of white labelling is that you can alter the features and functionalities to meet your particular company requirements. Compared to conventional off-the-shelf software, which only allows for a single configuration for all users, white labelled software gives greater flexibility.

Entrepreneurs are investing in white-labelled scripts are increasingly a common practise now. Many businesses lack the funding, time, or resources necessary to build complex software from scratch.

The good news is that they don’t have to do it by themselves. With so many white label substitutes available, all you have to do is pick the one that works best for you.

What is Gojek Clone Script?

The Gojek Clone App is the best app in the world and includes more than 82 different on-demand multi-delivery services, fascinating characters, and features than any other app. It is similar to the original Indonesian Gojek App, but it is far more extensive, accessible, and capable of providing different of services.

Its built-in features, add-ons, and even the integration services that are offered will impress you. Let’s quickly review a few of its features and services.

Advanced-level Features Include

Smart Login using Face Id/ Finger Print

Android smartphone users can sign in to the Gojek clone app via fingerprint scanning, and iPhone users can use Face ID. This is an exclusive feature. All the headaches associated with remembering usernames and passwords while logging into the app have been removed by this feature.

Booking a Taxi on an iWatch

Now, your clients may book taxi using their Apple watches. This unique feature can be found in the taxi booking area of our Gojek clone app. Make sure your customers’ smartwatches and iPhones are synchronised. Users can use the iWatch to pay you online as well.

Online Video Consultation

This feature will enable your clients to book appointments with physicians, tutors, instructors, lawyers, astrologers, and other professionals in addition to yoga classes. Appointments, guidance, and payments are all handled through the app. Covid has taught us that we may have to do some of our jobs virtually rather than in person. And each of those jobs fits into this group.

Driver?s Reward

The drivers will be rewarded for their efforts. To do this, among other things, incentives, financial benefits, or award badges honouring their qualities might be used.

Video Calling Feature

The video call feature allows for communication between drivers and users and service providers, service providers and delivery managers.

Multi-credit Card Management

This tool is essential for customers who make purchases using multiple credit cards. By uploading their card information, users of the app can choose one of their cards as their “default” card. The user can also quickly delete the card information at any moment.

In other words, whenever they want to make a payment, your customers don’t need to rush to enter their card information or use cash.

Other Features

You will discover that the Gojek Clone App has features such as Driver Reward Features, Back-to-Back Trips, Facebook Pixel Support, New UI/UX Sign-in and Sign-up Process, Face Id and Fingerprint ID, and more. Support for different payment options by nation, a video and image gallery, Google Ads connection, management of several credit cards, and more.

In Conclusion

Use the Gojek Clone Script to gain access to a pool of earnings worth billions of dollars!

Do you want to be the most successful entrepreneur on the Forbes Magazine cover? To schedule the live demo, all you have to do is contact the App Development Company. You can unwind knowing that the product is of high quality and that the NDA privacy policy is in place. Given your knowledge of Source Code Gojek Android Studio, you may launch a prosperous enterprise of your own.