Which tires should we use for EV cars in UAE | Guide

hybrid electronic vehicles in UAE

There are different things to consider when buying tires for your electric vehicle. EV?s have more weight than a regular car which could put tires under more strain. The ordinary tires won?t last long while bearing the increased weight in the hot and humid weather of UAE.

To ensure the best possible experience, you need tires that are compatible with electric vehicles. EV?s engine does not produce noise, which means you can hear road noise. To minimize the road noise and offer a quieter ride, EV tires are made up of different materials.

hybrid electronic vehicles in UAE

To get the best possible tires for your hybrid electronic vehicles in UAE, PitStopArabia is the place you should reach out to. It is one of the leading tire shops in the UAE. They have a vast range of tires suited for your EV?s such as:

  • Michelin
  • Continental
  • Good year
  • Bridgestone
  • Yokohama


Michelin is one of the world’s leading tire manufacturing companies. They have produced a large number of tires for electric vehicles. Michelin customizes tire structure so that it can suit different car models and manufacturers. These tires are more comfortable with lower rolling assistance for EV?s to give you an extra mile.

 Michelin EV?s tires have 40 percent more lateral blocks to reduce noise inside the car. They are extra flexible to ensure excellent grip on dry and wet weather. It gives you optimal vehicle control to assure safety and durability.


Continental tires are the best choice for your electric vehicle. They have been producing the highest quality tires for a range of vehicles. The tires have been built with the latest technology to provide a comfortable driving experience in all types of weather. 

Due to hot weather in UAE, tires can heat up and lose their grip but with the help of continental tires tread contract, this issue is addressed.  With the help of symmetric tread pattern handling and braking performance is enhanced.

These tires have good fuel economy with their lower rolling resistance. Continental EV tires can bear increased weight by minimizing braking distance and tire wear. These tires have noise-reducing technology to reduce interior noise. 


Goodyear is one of the biggest brands in the tire industry. These tires can meet the specific demands of electric vehicles. EV?s have power torque that can wear out tires and impact durability. Goodyear tires are compatible with instant torque.

They also offer extended mileage because of their efficient tread designs. The tread design plays an important role in improving the handling of electric vehicles. These tires can support high-load while maintaining optimized performance.  With the help of their tread design, these tires also prevent interior and exterior tire noise

While having the ultra-low rolling resistance, and reduced aerodynamic drag results in reduced energy consumptions. These tires have a certain amount of stiffness and flexibility to ensure low energy usage and longevity.


Bridgestone is known as the greatest tire manufacturer in the world. It provides exceptional quality to the consumer. Their tires are durable and made of rich quality materials. They have a vast range of tires for electric vehicles.

These tires improve vehicle handling with the help of their tread design. They are well suited for hot and harsh weather like in UAE. Bridgestone tires are manufactured while keeping in mind to reduce the exterior noise.

The company uses Enliten technology to improve the stability and handling of vehicles to ensure safety. These tires have less rolling resistance than other tires, to improve energy usage. The life span of these tires is remarkable and provides efficient traction on roads.

Wrap Up

To maximize EV tire?s performance and longevity, maintenance is really important. You should check the air pressure of EV tires regularly. Correct wheel alignment and rotation can also put an immense impact on tires and vehicle performance.

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