Types of Alligator Scissors and Where to Get Them

Surgical tools are an essential requirement to carry a surgery, which helps medicos cut and undermine the skin. It further helps in cutting sutures and getting rid of wound dressings.  

A comprehensive range of surgical instruments includes various scissors that cater to surgeons in the operation room. For example, scissors might be available with long or short handles and blades curved or straight, serrated or smooth. The scissor tips may be blunt or sharp. The types vary as per material, too; it can be stainless steel or consist of tungsten metal. 

Alligator scissors are one such type that is essential in the list of medical supplies. It is useful in a wide range of cutting applications. Further, it is a two-bladed instrument with a handle, used in surgery for grasping and compressing tissues.

alligator scissors types

The word alligator is given to these surgical tools because their blades open vertically, similar to an alligator’s jaws. Quite a few types of alligator scissors are available and upon Peak Surgicals too for you to buy.?

The types of alligator scissors mentioned below with a description are:

Adult nasal scissors:

Adult nasal scissors are under the category of surgical instruments and alligator scissors. Further, as the name suggests, they are used to cut nasal tissue and cartilage. The material incorporated in this type is German stainless steel alongside a satin, dull, mirror finish. 

Bellucci alligator scissors:

Bellucci alligator scissors are essential in the comprehensive range of surgical tools. It is widely used in middle ear procedures. The slim profile and alligator blades help medicos fine-cutting, including removing the periosteal membrane from malleolus. On the surgical preference, these are available in left and right curves. 

House-dieter malleus nipper:

The house-dieter malleus nipper is yet another surgical tool that offers multiple benefits to a surgeon. This type is used for reshaping malleus bones during ossiculoplasty. For this reason, the tool obtains a guillotine-style cutting tip that helps the surgeon nip small bones pieces away. Further, it is a valuable tool in treating pathologies of mastoid air cells. 

Kurze dissecting scissors:?

Kurze dissecting scissors obtain a therapeutic speciality in the field of microsurgery. This type is manufactured with German stainless steel, including statin, and a dull finish. Further, it is reusable in an operating room. 

The dissecting surgical tools are widely used for separating and differentiating tissues of the body because they are more delicate than operating scissors. 

Wullstein Ear Scissors:

As the name suggests, Wullstein ear scissors are suitable for microsurgical ear procedures. In simpler words, this type of alligator scissors is used in dissecting small tissues during microsurgery procedures. Such medical supplies help surgeons carry out intricate procedures delicately, benefiting the patient. 

House-Bellucci alligator scissors:

This kind of scissor has a knee-bent blade shape and is considered a delicate version of Bellucci alligator scissors. 

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