What To Do When You?re AC Is Not Working Correctly?

AC Is Not Working

It often happens that we come home after a long day in the summer season, and we sit back relax and realize that the air conditioner is not working. It?s literally liked a horror story to know that the air conditioner is not working. Well, the first thing anyone would search AC repair near me or AC repair center near me on google. Isn?t it a long process, you will search for some electrical engineer or ask your local electrician to give your house a visit?

But wait, right there, one can do certain things themselves to make sure if the air conditioner is stopping to provide an alarm or it is something simple like a fuse issue. Though, it?s always better to ask a professional to come and give a visit, rather than getting inside the air conditioner yourself. But, one can check certain things by themselves.

Essential work of any air conditioner is that it absorbs the hot air inside the house and deposits it outside, and a fan works to make the air inside the house fresh. But sometimes, due to minor/significant faults, the air conditioner is unable to do it. One often faces these problems in the summer season.

One should note that often, these problems caused due to low or inadequate maintenance. One can avoid such situations by regularly getting a maintenance check or plan a yearly maintenance plan with the Air Conditioner Company/ brand.

There are several situation one can face

Let?s say that the air conditioner is not turning on:

The first thing one can do is check the unit outside to determine whether the condenser is running or not. Make sure that the thermostat is cold and not hot to touch. Also, make a check whether if the fuse tripped. Often due to high voltage, the fuse trips. So one needs to join the circuit again by connecting the fuse. And if the air conditioner is still not working, then there is a chance that your coil is frozen, and for that, one needs to ask a professional to pay a visit.

Let?s say the air conditioner is working, but it is not able to cool the air inside the room.

If the A/C is working correctly and everything is fine, but it is not able to cool down the air. One of the common reasons is as follows. There is dirt, or the condenser of the A/C is blocked. One checks this quickly by pulling out the filter and look if you can?t see through it, then the capacitor is stuck. If you run you?re a/c often, then you need to change the filter regularly, to make sure it works properly. And if the air conditioner is still not cooling then, you may have a problem in the compressor, for this one needs to call a professional.

Let?s say your air conditioner is working correctly, it is cooling the air but not to the standards then that?s also an issue:

Often one must have felt it that the a/c is working, it is cooling the air in the home, but not up to the mark. Keep in mind that, on average, a/c on an average day of summer should be able to maintain a temperature of 20-25 degrees Celsius. If on a summer day the air conditioner can?t keep up then, one must have a problem of the frozen coil. If you see icing on the outdoor unit, then shut down the air conditioner and call a professional.

A lot of time we can see water leaking from the air conditioner:

It often happens due to clogged up drain line, due to which water backs up in your home, and one can avoid this kind of situation by using a wet/dry vacuum cleaner to make it free from dirt. If that doesn?t work, the drain pan might have got rusted. In this kind of situation, one can call a technician or a professional to fix the problem. Otherwise, further questions like electrical shock can happen. One needs to make sure that there is no water leakage as it is a massive waste for the environment too.

In conclusion,We can check and work on minor problems in our air conditioners, but sometimes these minor issues indicate a more significant problem within the AC. So, we shouldn?t just make conclusions or decisions on our own as it can be harmful and dangerous. One needs to make sure if the A/C is working up to the mark or not, especially during the initial and starting stages. If it doesn?t, then one can file a complaint to AC repair center near me or ask the particular company to replace the A/C.

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