What Kind of Comforter Do Hotels Use?

Understanding what kind of comforter do hotels use helps you find luxury hotel comforter for your use, replicating the same comfort for your home or hotel. As someone new in the business or even a home buyer there are a few things we think about which includes why are hotel comforters so fluffy and should you be using a white hotel comforter or not.

These help us research for the best hotel comforters from leading hotel suppliers such as DZEE Textiles. They have comforters manufactured to be used by properties that are looking to keep their customers warm, comfortable, and easy for their housekeeping to manage.

The best hotel comforters for a hotel property have a few characteristics; that put them ahead of their competitors.

Best Hotel Comforters Feature

You should always look for the following factors to choose the most luxury hotel comforter for your hotel property:

hotel comforter

Comforter Quality

We have always wondered why are hotel comforters so fluffy, well it is because hotels choose high-quality comforters; manufactured using quality materials for optimum comfort. Since comforters are quilted, it is important for the comforters to be filled using comfortable down material which is evenly distributed.

Plus, the comforters don?t have a cover and are washed directly; hence, they need to be high-quality which prevents fill crumpling. Otherwise, the number of washes is lowered down which compromises on comforter hygiene and it is something hotels cannot afford. Hygiene and quality are simultaneous to each other.

White Hotel Comforter

When figuring out what kind of comforter do hotels use; we need to see the colors hotels use and understand they psychology behind it. You would always find a luxury hotel comforter to be white. This is because a white hotel comforter feels more inviting. White is a calming color and spotting stains on the color is much easier. White comforters show that the bed is hygienic and has just been cleaned for you to come and stay. This ensures that guest health is not compromised.

This is also a contributing reason behind why are hotel comforters so fluffy as guests feel more comfortable; while laying in them and find them to be much fluffier. Though you can find many designs in comforters, hotel comforters remain white.

Durable and Long-Lasting

There are hotel bedding suppliers that claim to have a long-lasting and durable luxury hotel comforter. But you need to look for characteristics such as institutional laundering resistant and double-needle stitching that confirm that what they?re saying is actually right. A luxury hotel comforter that can be institutionally laundered will be durable as they are washed in big machines with other hotel bedding.

If they cannot put up with the wear and tear, they would lose their quality and tear easily. Plus, it makes it simpler for the housekeeping to manage them also. Double-needle stitching holds the hems together and stops the comforter from unraveling. If the stitches are not strong enough, the comforter will not last long enough.

Comforter Value Addition

You need to understand whether purchasing a particular luxury hotel comforter set is adding value or not to your hotel guest room. Along with having the features we have discussed above; the best hotel comforters look good in your guest room. They ensure that when your guests enter your guest room, the immediately feel the need to lay down and relax.

If guests don?t visually like the room, they will not be comfortable in laying in the bed. Plus, the feel of the comforter also plays a significant role. The comforters need to be soft to touch otherwise your guests will have skin issues; which you definitely don?t want. Making an investment in comforters needs to reflect in the product you purchase.


Why are hotel comforters so fluffy is because though they need to keep the guests warm, they also need to be breathable. If the air only gets trapped and doesn?t get the room to regulate, your guests will feel hot and get sweaty. Hence when investing in a luxury hotel comforter you need to check if it is breathable or not.

A breathable white hotel comforter will regulate the air and keep your guests comfortable at all times. If your hotel is located in cold areas, your guests will sleep in comfortable temperatures. Even if you?re located in warmer areas guests will sleep easy using the best hotel comforters in the air conditioning. Both ways, you make a good hotel blankets choice for your guests.

What kind of comforter do hotels use varies according to hotel property?s requirement and budget. Though most hotels opt for luxury hotel comforter manufactured for optimal comfort of the guests. A white hotel comforter is very common and you can easily find them through the leading hotel suppliers online. What are the features best hotel comforters should have? Why are hotel comforters so fluffy according to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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