What Is The Gojek Clone App? Why Is It So Popular In Indonesia?

What is a Gojek clone app In Indonesia?

Many entrepreneurs are asking this particular question.?In this blog, we are going to discuss this gojek clone app more and find out the key reasons behind its popularity in the global market. Let?s begin with an example!?

Say, you are Martha, an AI specialist living with her two beautiful children and husband who work at Google. Now, it is difficult to manage a house with kids. There are many problems that arise in such as situation such as: 

  • ?Who will look after the kids while I?m at work??
  • ?How can I keep the home neat and tidy and disinfected all the time??
  • ?Who will get the groceries??

Well, all these questions have one great answer – the Gojek clone app.?

This is a legit super app In Indonesia offers over 82 on-demand services that no other on-demand app does. You?ll find different genres of services on this app such as:

  • Taxi booking, rentals, and carpooling
  • On-demand delivery from nearby stores or restaurants
  • On-demand service providers like doctors, beauticians, spa therapists, plumbers, car washers, etc. 
  • Delivery Genie & Delivery Runner
  • Parcel delivery 

Yes! These are the variety of service genres that you can choose from. Now, let?s talk about why this app is gaining popularity.?

app like gojek clone


There are many reasons responsible for the escalating popularity of the app. 

1. On-demand everything?

One of the biggest reasons why this app is so popular in the market is – its on-demand services. You name it and this app has a ?Buy Now? for it. From getting medical marijuana to consulting with an astrologer, and even hiring a professional personal shopper, get on-the-spot services.? The app users In Indonesia also get the flexibility of scheduling these services in advance and at their given date and time.

2. One-click payment?

The app has multiple payment options to choose from. The users can easily pick one and pay for their services. Cash, credit card, debit card, and in-app wallets are some of the online payment options. Wallet-to-wallet transactions help users directly transfer the money into the service provider?s app without having to worry about issues like: 

  • Purchase declined by the merchant?s bank
  • Late or missing payments
  • Non-payment due to the low server success rate

3. Covid-19 safety features?

This on-demand app solution In Indonesia is also known for its amazing covid-19 safety features. During the pandemic, these features came in as the savior. Features that are being referred to here are:

  • A limited number of passengers in every car so social distancing norms are being followed. 
  • Face mask verification of the taxi and moto driver before the rise starts to ensure that they are following WHO Issued social distancing guidelines. 
  • List of safety measures enlisted in Covid-19 safety checklist feature. This ensures that the basic safety regulations are known by everyone. 
  • Ride cancellation in a single click if either the rider or driver is seen violating the Covid-19 safety measures. 
  • Contactless doorstep delivery to facilitate zero-contact delivery of items. 

4. The flexibility in choosing the service provider

The best part about this app is that the Gojek clone app users In Indonesia can select the service provider of their choice. Once the user selects the category and subcategory of the services they need, a long list of the service providers is displayed on the app?s screen. For this list, the users can pick the provider they find suitable for the job and hire them. The points of comparison they can look at are:

  • Provider?s experience 
  • Safety badges
  • Photo gallery (portfolio)
  • Ratings
  • Reviews


Do you want to own an app that holds the caliber of making you a millionaire in no time? Well, the Gojek clone app is the best multi-service app solution you need to invest in right now! 

Take the chance today and launch the most advanced, futuristic, and robust on-demand apps of all times.

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