What is the relationship in yoga philosophy?

yoga philosophy

Relationships are important matters that directly influence the health and happiness of human beings. At the same time, they can also become a challenge to the smooth flow of life. Managers generally feel that people are the real challenge they face in the discharge of their official duties. The people in this case are in no way related to the managers. The relationship with people whom we care and love a lot often brings us happiness and joy. At times they can also be the cause of sorrow or heartbreak.

We all know that the mood and behavior of parents are reflected in the toddlers. Though it is very visible among toddlers, it is also visible in all the relationships of a person. By understanding the relationships of a person, the true personality of a person can be understood. It helps each person to grow in his self-awareness. Relationships have an important role to play in human experience and it is an essential pillar that helps to make our life complete and fulfilled.

yoga philosophy

Relationships are not accidental or arbitrary. According to yoga philosophy, each relationship has some reason and intention in our life. The people around us like friends, boyfriends, mother, father, siblings etc. have a purpose for coming into our life and we too have a reason for being part of their life. According to Hindu philosophy which is the backbone of yoga philosophy,? every person is bound to another person by karma.

What is karma?

Karma literally means action. According to this philosophy the reaction for an action can take place immediately or at some other point in the future. Yoga philosophy embodies the notion of infinity which implies rebirth and reincarnation.  It is believed that good actions will result in good reactions whereas bad actions will produce only bad reactions.

The karmic reactions are often tied to some other soul that has a karmic bonding with you. Any action can result in the creation of karma with another soul with which you have an account. Therefore one can say that karma creates bonds that greatly influence our relationships.

How karma is made?

Karma is created with every intentional activity. According to this philosophy the action and the intention are intricately linked. The following example will demonstrate this. Suppose you are driving a car during night time and there is heavy rain outside. You are driving in haste as you are late for an appointment and while driving you is also fixing your hair looking in the mirror. In a split second a cat runs across the street and gets caught between the wheels of your car and gets killed as your attention is diverted.

Changed scenario: You see the cat approaching and you accelerate your car with an intention to kill it by hitting and the cat is killed.

Still another version: You are driving the car and there is heavy rain outside. As you cannot see well you are driving slowly and carefully. The cat runs into the car and you suddenly apply brakes to prevent the mishap. Yet the cat gets killed. 

Though all these scenarios are slightly different from one another and the outcome of all these situations is the death of the cat. In the first case your unintentional negligence has resulted in the death of the cat. So you get some bad karma from the death of the cat which is caused by you. In the second case, you intentionally killed it and therefore you will get full negative karma.  In the third case you did not intend to kill the cat and you also took precautions to prevent its death. Therefore you are not getting any negative karma for killing the cat.

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