What Is Birth Control And How It Can Be Done

Fertilization is a natural process which occurs when a male sperm cell meets the female egg cell. The sperm cell ejaculated in the vagina during the sexual intercourse, which moves towards the egg cell and fertilizes it. Fertilization of egg cell results into the pregnancy. But thanks to the technology now it can be prevented. The main motive of birth control methods to prevent the meeting of the sperm cell and egg cell.

Various Methods Of Birth Control 

Birth can be controlled by using multiple methods. But here we have mentioned few widely used preventative methods 

Barrier Methods

This is one of the standard methods for birth control. It mainly blocks sperm from reaching the egg cell. It can be done by using Diaphragm, condom, and cervical cups. Among all barrier methods, condoms are mostly used. There are various condom brands in India which manufacture different size and shape condom. It can be used easily with less side effect. One of the most obvious advantages of barrier methods is that it helps in the prevention of STDs, i.e., sexually transmitted diseases. None of the other methods eliminates this risk. Thus choose the best condom brands in India and spend quality bedroom time.?

Hormonal Methods 

These methods use hormones to prevent the ovulation of the female. Although the oral pills are widely used hormonal methods for the birth control, few are also helpful for the hormonal methods, which are vaginal ring, hormones patches applied to the skin, and injection of the progestin. Some of the hormonal methods for birth control are:

  • Birth control pills
  • Hormonal Patches
  • Birth Control Implant 
  • Vaginal Rings

Hormonal birth control methods also possess various side effects which are nausea, vomiting, weight gain, and acne are common. The risk factor increases with the age of the female. Oral pills have a more significant side effect in the female whose age is more than 35 years. If you are consuming oral medicine, then it is recommended to quit smoking.

Natural Methods 

This method involves tracking of women’s menstrual cycle to try to determine when ovulation is most likely to occurs and avoiding sexual intercourse without using barrier during that time. Ovulation can be identified in different ways to detect the ovulation, including basal body temperature methods and home ovulation test kits.

Checking and recording of cervical mucus are other methods which will help you to determine when ovulation occurs.

Is Effective Birth Control?

Above we have discussed few best birth control methods, but none of them is 100% safe. So always there is a change that you may get pregnant after once these methods. But if you are using these methods carefully and ideally, the chance of getting pregnant is very less. If used correctly, then the oral pills are 99% effective in birth control.

Thus carefully weigh the risk and benefits along with the effectiveness of the methods while choosing one can be the best option. The selection of the birth control also depends on the many factors like the desire for reversible birth control or permanent birth control.

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