What does an MBA in business analytics do

business analytics courses in india

MBA in Business Analytics is a two-year master program. It is a combination of data analysis and IT concepts. With technological advancement and highly revolutionizing technical concepts, it is the right time to move ahead with a needed course. 

Business analytics focuses on decision analysis, statistics, artificial intelligence, marketing, predictive modelling and more. 

How to enrol for MBA Business Analytics? 

You can enrol on MBA in Business Analytics after completing graduation with any major from an affiliated university with 50 or above percentage.??

Some universities accept personal interviews or exams scores like CAT, GMAT, etc. However, the admission process varies from one another. 

Reasons to study Business Analytics courses in India

As we have already discussed, business analytics is the need of the hour; it is a subject that helps learners gain insights into performances and supports different companies to get profit based on previous data. 

Here are some reasons to study business analytics courses in India­čśĽ

  1. Rapidly increasing business data analyst roles

The need and amount of data collected in every business are rapidly growing, and companies have experienced massive growth in ROI depending upon the data analysis. Therefore there is a considerable demand for data analysts & data scientists in multiple industries. 

  1. Skills are valuable both for employees and entrepreneurs. 

The program provides skills to understand the industry based on different metrics and teaches to apply statistical techniques to extract the correct information. These skills help you become an essential part of an organization but also helps in expanding your own business. 

  1. A dynamic career 

A career as a business analyst is full of different challenges. But, you are required to be dynamic. As a business analyst, you need to adapt to different business environments and sometimes, when you work on a client basis, you have to understand multiple businesses at once. 

  1. Higher growth & salary 

The opportunities as a business analyst are increasing day by day as the world accepts more data-based outcomes and makes decisions on the same. However, finding people with relevant degrees is hard. Therefore it is the right time to add a skill to your resume with the proper academic background. 

Career opportunities after MBA business analytics 

There are many opportunities after MBA business analytics. Some of the possibilities are listed below. 

1. Data Scientist

A data scientist is an expert on data. As a data scientist, your job will be to analyze the data using scientific maths and technical methods. In addition, you will have to collect data, arrange, sort and apply strategies to gain insight and help companies take decisions further. 

2. Business Analyst

By accepting a business analyst position, you will be responsible for understanding and analyzing every aspect of the business. Be it marketing, advertising, finance, accounting or the complete functioning of the organization. Since the skills involved as a business analyst apply a holistic approach and include all business aspects, they are most likely to work for a large scale organization. 

3. Market Researcher  

As a market researcher, your job will be to understand the competitors and customers. You will collect data, analyse them, make understandable reports, and present that data to executives for different decision-making processes.

4. IT Analyst 

An IT analyst is an IT expert responsible for looking upon the infrastructure and IT data analysis. As an IT analyst, you will be the most important person responsible for organization growth and efficiency. 

5. Healthcare Analyst

A healthcare analyst is responsible for collecting, compiling, sorting, and analyzing the medical and healthcare industries. 

6. Computer System Analyst 

A computer system analyst is required to have a detailed knowledge of computer hardware and software. The job role is relatively self-explanatory. The name says the main job is to analyze the computer system in an organization to ensure that systems and work or CRM tools work smoothly for every member. 

There are many other career options like project manager, analytics manager, data business analyst, etc. And the job role is defined based on organization and designation. However, every job related to the business analyst is majorly inclined towards understanding data and bringing up the right decision for the growth of the organization. 

So if you are great with numbers and want to become part of the organizational decision-making process, the Business analyst is the right course for you.