What Are The Top 7 Innovations in Event Planning??

With the passing of time, technology is becoming advanced in every field, including event planning. And it offers exciting benefits to event planners and other personnel working in event planning organizations.

Well, the increasing number of event planning companies gave rise to various innovations in this sector. No matter whether you have a startup event company or an established organization, you must be aware of the modern developments in the event planning sector.

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You have many choices with the new event technologies, but how to choose the suitable one? We have got you covered with the top 7 innovations in the event planning industry.

Top 7 Innovation In Event Planning Industry

1. Reaction on Social Media Sentiment

You might be aware of the role of social media in making an event successful. Nowadays, people are attending live events on social media (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter). They are dropping down their sentiments or reaction on social media with the help of comments, emojis, hashtags (#), and mentions (@). 

Social media sentiments allow event planners to determine client satisfaction through their actions. Moreover, implementing this technique rightly allows planners to monitor the brand and its message.

Furthermore, if you track attendees’ actions on social media platforms, you can improve the mistakes for the future.

2. Live Streaming

Online streaming in an event is one of the biggest and most recent innovations. Earlier, people used to hesitate using live streaming, but now it’s becoming so obvious. It’s one of the major technological developments which is changing the event planning industry.

Anybody from anywhere can enjoy an event with live streaming technology. It demands high-quality video that can be attained by fast Wifi connection. Moreover, this technology allows event planners to connect as much as guests can. It simply makes organizing an event worthwhile.

3. VR – Virtual Reality

Virtual reality in event management is going to change the working structure of entire industry. This technological development is capable of adding another dimension to an event. Presently, a few event companies have realized the value of VR immersive experience in any event.

  • VR content is an important part of marketing strategy in an event. VR tours help the audience to connect and enjoy the event.
  • Further, a person can attend many events in a single time with the help of VR technology. Your attendees don’t need to travel worldwide to attend an event, thanks to VR.

4. Go Cashless

Everyone must be aware of the cashless payment system used in an event. Additionally, many event companies use RFID technology that allows guests to pay easily and fast.

It cuts down time to stand in a queue for paying bills or ticket money. Moreover, it improves the experience of guests present in an event. They don’t need to carry a wallet or a purse while visiting an event. An ATM card or even your phone can work while paying cashless. 

This technology is promoting an environment-friendly way of paying bills and easing the payment process by just a few steps. Attendees prefer to visit an event where they can pay digitally with a scanner or cards.

5. Secret Events

It may sound weird, but secret events are a new way to create excitement among guests.

Well, social media platforms are used to make people aware of the event. Also, to let guests enjoy the event live from a social media platform. However, secret events are an approach to building excitement over visitors.

Additionally, it is known as one of the novel methods for creating hype. In this event, the planner reveals details slowly to the guests. And by this, guests become curious till the program is complete. Also, many event companies consider the secret event technique as a more memorable experience.

6. Virtual Event Bags

Virtual event bags are saying goodbye to printed materials or other papers.

Well, everyone is becoming aware of the save environment method; that is why virtual event bags came into trend. If an event planner provides this, guests don’t need to carry any paper or printed material.

You can explain a Digital Event Bag as a page in an event. It can include all the sponsors’ offers, discount coupons, gift cards, and references to content relevant to an event.

There are some perks of this bag:

  • It is customizable
  • The bag is full of value for guests
  • Easy to use

7. Facial Recognition

Facial recognition technology supports contactless check-ins in any event. It is the latest trend in the event management industry, but it is the most used technology in other sectors.

Well, a few companies are already using this technology in events. It turns an event into a “smart event,” allowing contactless and automated check-ins. Basically, it decreases queue waiting time at the entrance and physical interaction between event management staff and attendees.

Face recognition software can easily scan the face of the attendee. For example, it scans the guest’s face by analyzing the photo used at registration and allows check ins.

Moreover, this technology automates personalized actions, like;

  • Emailing scannable food vouchers
  • Providing event schedules details
  • Emailing the check-in completion details with the name of the attendee.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, you might have become aware of the event management sector’s topmost innovations and technology trends. Implementing these latest technologies into your next event increases the chances of enhancing attendees’ experience.

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