What are the Different Stages of Dementia and Symptoms for Each?

Dementia is generally a disease of memory loss, an infected core in which thinking power becomes lesser and through certain stages, it starts to get slower and finally takes all cognitive power away with a person completely empty body to live in without any memory of it and it’s quite painful to witness such person becoming weaker to recognize and ultimately facing the end of all memories to respond. 

There are different ways by which such diseases are treated, specialists have presented certain ways to have dementia treatment, and it’s done in a smart phase-wise manner, but to know it better it’s essential first to know all 3 stages in which such disease takes place widely so it can give the better idea the way such disease has to be treated in certain ways. 

dementia treatment

Usually, there are going to be 3 different stages known as mild, moderate, and severe, and the changes and symptoms in all 3 define the way the disease has spread and on that basis, treatment is prescribed by experts who are working in the field and by the cure of medicines and therapy activities it’s done effectively to help the person affected and help him or she comes out of it indeed. 

Before we discuss the three stages in which memory loss can be considered, it’s better to consider few essential factors that do have their role to present, and they may include: 

  • Responses of your relatives on the realization of the disease 
  • Basic suggestions by doctors for the disease 
  • Treatment referred to or has been consulted for the person affected 
  • Probable cure, prevention, and response time referred in such context 

And these are a few elementary steps that have to be considered before you consider all three stages, and now we can have a look at them with their symptoms to have a better understanding of them. 

Milder stage 

This stage is generally the most primary stage, in this position the person affected is at least able to realize how all things are going on, and is able to recognize others. In this stage, a person infected is having very basic or elementary cognitional problems and by basic or elementary treatment, he or she can be easily helped in doing such general steps to keep his or her memory functioning. 

Moderate stage 

This is generally called the middle stage where the person is able to recognize lesser things, restriction to personal identity becomes more similar, and in this stage, the person affected has to be cared a bit further compared to the first stage. During the infection of the second stage, the person will show signs of weaker recognition, half-hearted memory calls, lesser responses to the movements, and this is how this is defined as the secondary stage. 

Severe stage 

Lastly, this is the more problematic stage where the person affected is not able to recognize anyone, doesn’t have any memory left to realize persons relative to, can’t do even daily routine work, and would require a specific assigned person to help in all such tasks. In the process of this stage, the person affected becomes weak in cognitive power, is not able to do basic tasks of his or her own, and this is the stage where memory loss becomes completely severe for which it is called the severe stage of its caliber. 

Therapies to work 

According to the stages to look for, there are different types of therapies that can be utilized, for a person in the mild stage the low case therapies can be used, for the moderate person affected there is a bit stronger therapy, and for severely affected there are high profile therapies to settle terms rightly. 

This way, by having such certain therapies, the effects of the diseases can be reduced, the person affected can be contained from facing severe memory loss, and it does count as an efficient activity to help the person affected that matters the most. 


It’s not that this can’t be treated, for dementia treatment, prevention is essential, there is a certain medical cure available to decrease its essence, and for that matter, it’s essential how family members and nursing staff play their role which defines its influence to become lesser and treatment to happen in an entirely systematic way around. 

Also, it’s vital to keep an eye on a person with regular check-ups, smart cognitive activities like counting fingers, trying to recall children’s name, and other such type of activities can be done to check regularly, and it’s not the end of everything so it can be cured, can be brought to lesser effect and it would settle the life of such person affected in the much better way.

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