What are the Common Sugar Reduction Solutions?


People increasingly use artificial sweeteners and sugar substitutes in food and beverages. If you visit a Superstore, you will find many sugar substitutes on display. However, most people are ignorant of how good or bad these options are. In this article, we will tell about various sugar reduction solutions available in the market. We will also discuss their benefits and side effects to help people make an informed decision. 

Obesity and lifestyle diseases have become very common these days. To a great extent, such health-related problems are due to high sugar consumption. Of late, it has become fashionable to eat outside and most readymade food items like cake, pastry, chocolates, muffins and shakes contain a large amount of sugar. However, people have started realizing the adverse effect of such a lifestyle and looking for sugar-reduction solutions.  

Many want to reduce sugar consumption because of health-related complications like diabetes and heart disease. However, it’s easier said than done because most people have a sweet tooth. Therefore, it’s difficult for them to discard their favourite sweets, desserts, or ice creams from their lives. Such people keep looking for different products usually sold as “sugar-free” or “diet,” including soft drinks like diet soda. Artificial sweeteners cause the sweetness in these food items

Sugar substitutes and artificial sweeteners

Now more people are switching to sugar substitutes which have become very popular as sweeteners instead of normal sugar or sucrose. Among all types of sugar substitutes, artificial sweeteners are one of the healthiest options. Some sweeteners are called natural despite being manufactured through processing. The best example of such a sweetener is Stevia. On the other hand, some artificial sweeteners originate from natural substances. For instance, sucralose is derived from sugar. 

What are Natural sweeteners?

Natural sweeteners are a type of sugar substitute that is considered healthier than most other sugar substitutes. You will be surprised that such substitutes are produced through processing and refining. In case someone is looking for the safest artificial sweetener, the following natural sweeteners have been declared safe for human use by the FDA: 

  • Molasses 
  • Honey 
  • Maple syrup 
  • Fruit juices and nectars 

What is an artificial sweetener? 

It’s several times sweeter than table sugar; therefore, it is also called an intense sweetener. Such sugar substitutes are derived through synthetic manufacturing process from natural substances, such as herbs or sugar. If you want a healthier version of sweeteners, they will perfectly serve the purpose because they add no calories to your diet. However, you should only use them in limited quantities compared to normal table sugar because their level of sweetness is intense.

How do you use an artificial sweetener? 

Such sweeteners find wide applications in the processed food industries. Some of their most popular uses are in the manufacturing of the following food items:

  • Diet Cola, Soft drinks, and other beverages 
  • Candies 
  • Baked products 
  • Canned food items 
  • Dairy products 
  • Jams and jellies 
  • Puddings 

Now, people have also started opting for such sweeteners for home use. However, you must be selective while using these sweeteners for traditional recipes because they aren’t suitable. It’s because, unlike sugar, they don’t provide volume. Therefore, you should always check the labels on artificial sweeteners before selecting them for home use. Besides, a few artificial sweeteners also leave a foul aftertaste in the mouth. Hence, choose a suitable alternative or a combination of different artificial sweeteners to make it more acceptable. 

Health benefits of the best artificial sweetener 

We all know that consuming natural sugar in huge quantities is not advisable for health because it gives rise to many lifestyle diseases like diabetes, obesity, and hypertension. Besides, it’s also harmful to teeth and cavities. Therefore, it’s time to look for sugar reduction solutions by choosing the safest artificial sweetener which will provide the following benefits: 

Reducing Weight  

They contain virtually no calories. For example, if you compare it with normal sugar, a teaspoon of sugar has only 16 calories, and a can of cola has about 10 teaspoons. Therefore, by consuming a single can of cola, you will be adding 160 calories. However, choosing a good artificial sweetener can avoid those extra calories. However, their efficacy for long-term weight loss is still not certain. 


It’s natural for a person with diabetes to choose artificial sweeteners as sugar reduction solutions because natural sugar is a type of carbohydrate, but sweeteners don’t belong to that category. Hence, they don’t spike your blood sugar levels. 

Side Effects of artificial sweeteners

There are many scientists in the advanced countries like US who did a lot of research on the possible side effects of sweeteners. Some critics claim that sweeteners cause many health issues, such as cancer. A research paper released in the 1970s went as far as linking artificial sweetener saccharin to bladder cancer. It led to a mandatory health warning for saccharin, where it carried a label saying its continued use may damage your health. 

However, National Cancer Institute issued no such health warning because it found no scientific evidence to prove that such sweeteners may cause serious diseases like cancer. On the contrary, many types of research prove that sugar substitutes are generally safe if taken in modest quantities. It eventually resulted in the dropping of the warning label for saccharin.