6 Ways To Naturally Reduce Anxiety

Today, we live in a world that?s full of very stressful things that happen around us every day, from deadly viruses to war and economic crisis?it?s hard not to feel scared and anxious. However, great anxiety can quickly ruin your life, causing various changes to your health and social habits. So how can you battle this modern disease in a natural way??

Deep breathing

You know that feeling when you get too excited and scared? What is the first thing that people tell you to do in those situations? Of course, it is to breathe deeply. This might sound like a complete hoax, but it really does work better than you might have thought. When anxiety hits, your brain orders your body to exhibit fast and shallow breathing, which often causes dizziness, lightheadedness and even panic. To prevent your symptoms of anxiety from getting worse, try to slow down your breathing and fill your lungs with oxygen completely. Slow, deep, even and focused breaths can restore your breathing and minimize anxiety. 

Physical activity

It is well-known that physical activity triggers the brain?s production of happy hormones which can greatly improve your mental health. Besides being great for your physical health, exercising also produces anti-anxiety neurochemicals like serotonin, GABA, BDNF and endocannabinoids which help you relax and feel happier. Also, while you?re exercising, you?re focusing your attention on your body and your performance, so you have something else to think about instead of that one thing that?s making you anxious. 


You don?t have to battle anxiety all on your own when there are various natural supplements that can help you along the way. Vitamin D is a great supplement for people suffering from anxiety, especially those who don?t go out in the sun enough. Magnesium is also a good supplement to consider for relaxation and tension removal. And all people who suffer from anxiety that also messes with their digestive tract might greatly benefit from Aloe Vera AMP supplements which are 100% natural, gluten-free and vegan, yet filled with antioxidants and components that nourish and lubricate the digestive tract.?


Meditation is an ancient practice with amazing results when it comes to relaxation and battling fears. The goal of meditation is to ground you and bring you back to the present. It?s also focusing on acknowledging your thoughts and accepting them without judgment, thus achieving peace and calm. As a primary tool in cognitive behavioral therapy, meditation is great for stress and anxiety relief. According to experts, just 30 minutes of meditation can help with your anxiety symptoms, prepare you for your day or let you unwind after hard work. In some people, meditation works as effectively as antidepressants.?


It?s never a bad idea to reach out to professionals in case you struggle with anxiety or any other mental health issue. Through talks and professionally-guided exercises, you will learn many useful things on how to battle anxiety. And therapy is completely natural, so you don?t have to worry about medication. If you feel uncomfortable talking to strangers, you can reach out to your family and friends and talk about your feelings. They will give you a new perspective on your situation or just offer support, a shoulder to lean on or make you laugh. 

Hanging out with people 

When you?re feeling anxious and stressed, it?s hard to share your time with other people and be social, but spending time with your loved ones can be a great way to battle some of the negative feelings. Laughing and chatting with friends and family can make you forget about your problems and trigger many happy hormones in your body. Sometimes, laughter is the best medicine, except this medicine is free, easy to find and completely natural. During your socializing events, try to stay away from alcohol. Many people think that alcohol will relax them, but it will do nothing else but disrupt the balance in your neurotransmitters, causing a huge crash and increased anxiety in sobriety. 

Anxiety is a tough opponent, but it?s definitely not impossible to beat, especially when you have the right tools. Use these 100%-natural ways to stand up to your stress, fears and anxiety and in time, it will grow smaller and smaller, until you won?t even acknowledge it anymore. And if none of these work, you can always go seek professional help and get a little boost in your fight with anxiety.