Benefits of the waterproofing and outdoor parking tiles

    outdoor parking tiles

    Reason for leakage on the terrace

    The reason why the terrace is soaked in water leads to poor aesthetics and affects the family’s daily life. Many factors lead to this phenomenon:

    • The floor’s construction does not meet the cracking standard, so cracking is the main reason why the roof becomes waterproof when it rains.
    • Exposure to temperature produces uneven shrinkage between the surrounding wall and the concrete ceiling, resulting in delaminating, making the wall permeable.
    •  Influence, climatic changes in waterproofing substances can not be reduced.
    •  Using a small amount of waterproof adhesive is not enough to create adequate shrink thickness.
    • The continuous position between two waterproofing panels does not meet standards and does not guarantee quality.
    • Non-standard waterproofing, poor roof protection and slight loss effect when exposed to direct sunlight.
    • Due to poor ductwork, water will stagnate on the roof if it is waterproofed for a long time without timely exhaustive treatment.

    Follow the waterproof tiles

    From the cause analysis, we mainly see the phenomenon of filtration, which depends mainly on the climate. Therefore, waterproofing and outdoor parking tiles is the most optimal method.

    In addition to protecting the roof’s waterproofing, the tiles have the advantage of improving the aesthetics of a space with more functions. You can completely create a relaxing corner by relaxing on the terrace without being influenced by other factors. Or you can turn it into a beautiful little garden by growing plants and vegetables in foam pots.

    Criteria for the selection of waterproofing roof tiles:

    To guarantee the quality of the project, it is necessary to pay attention to a series of criteria for selecting waterproofing tiles, such as:

    Choose good quality Tiles

    This is the main factor that influences the waterproofing of the terrace. A roof is a place that is often affected by external factors such as sunlight, rain, ultraviolet rays, so bricks should be chosen to ensure high durability without stripping and fading during use. Therefore, it is necessary to select quality tiles from well-known brands to guarantee the best quality.

    The surface has a non-slip design

    In conditions that are often wet, you should choose dry or rough tiles with a glazed surface to create friction to prevent slipping, which is unsafe to drive. The brick pattern must also match resistance to mold, moss growth.

    Choose a suitable brick according to the general architecture of the house.

    Many families believe that the terrace is on top of the house so that no one will notice or affect the house’s overall aesthetics. However, we recommend using patterned tiles that match the colors of general home construction. You can easily use this space for design in various areas, such as the workplace and recreation.

    The best waterproof tile today

    Here are the popular waterproofing tiles used today, not only to waterproof terraces but also in many other open spaces that provide a great effect.

    Ceramic tiles

    It is a brick pattern that is commonly used today because it has many advantages, such as durability, design, decorative motifs, and affordable prices.

    Leave bricks

    Neem sheets, also known as ceramic bricks, are bricks with small indentations in the bottom of the brick. Outdoor parking tiles are fired from clay, so they are strong enough, have good strength and heat resistance, suitable for terrace cladding.

    Imitation stone bricks, fake gravel

    Artificial stone and gravel bricks are slip-resistant and increase friction so that they can be used on the deck. To slip resistance, this brick also has very good heat resistance.

    Granite earthenware

    Granite is an artificial stone, but it is made in high-tech lines, mainly 70% clay and 30% agar, so it has good resistance. There is a certain roughness on the surface of the tile, so it is not slippery. It is a favorite material not only in road construction but also in other popular spaces.

    Pay attention when laying tiles on a waterproofing terrace:

    – The herpes waterproofing process must be done correctly to get the best effect. The following should be considered to obtain the highest quality.

    – Tile adhesive and tile mortar are artificial hollow materials, so water can seep through cracks, penetrate the tile layer, and penetrate the substrate.

    – During construction, create a suitable slope for the floor

    – Lining the weight of the accumulated water in the receiving ditch (a receiving ditch about 8 mm brick floor) is good for providing direction for drainage).

    – The structure must be strong enough to withstand the stress of tile, tile and mortar adhesives. The terrace must be designed with a slope so that water can enter the hatches to discharge to the ground. Also, there must be a waterproof system under the bricklayer to prevent leaks in the area.

    – The quality of the tile adhesive must have good elasticity so that it does not peel off after a certain period of use.

    – Compliance with technical standards, mixing the mortar in proportion to guarantee the durability of the tiles.

    Above is all the information related to roof waterproofing along with outdoor parking tiles too. I hope this article helps you to put it into practice. Currently, the price of waterproofing roofing shingles depends on the materials that customers choose, so a professional supplier will help you choose the best product.?

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