Pros and Cons of the Vue.js Framework

    vue.js framework


    There are numerous frameworks available such as Angular, React, jQuery, and many others. But in recent times, Vue.js is gaining popularity rapidly. In the last few months, it has been downloaded by approx. 2.4 million times. Vue.js is one of the magnificent frameworks that is giving tough completion to other frameworks. Recently, GitHub rated the highest stars to Vue.js. It shows that developer communities around the world admiring this JavaScript framework.

    What is Vue.js?

    Vue.js is a progressive framework that is mainly used for building one-page applications and User Interfaces. It is an open-source JavaScript framework that helps develop mobile and desktop applications.

    According to the official video of Vue, the framework is easy to learn, the best performer among the top three frameworks and has a well-architected codebase that helps programmers to build easy to maintain applications.

    There are some excellent reasons to build applications on Vue.js but there are some disadvantages too. Though many developers are planning to use it, it has motivated us to write the pros and cons of Vue.js. In this article, we?ll concentrate on the advantages and disadvantages of Vue.js which every developer needs to know before picking up this framework.

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Vue.js


    Easy to Learn

    Vue.js is easy to learn compared to other frameworks. Even a beginner programmer who have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS can work on the Vue.js platform. Vue.js development company can build a project in just a few minutes rather than spending too many days.

    To work on Vue.js platform, you need not to have in-depth knowledge of libraries and Typescript. The most prominent code editors such as Visual Studio and Sublime text support Vue.js which makes it easier for newcomers to try it out. There are countless guides, courses, and eBooks available on Vue.js framework.

     Ease of Integration

    Programmers can integrate Vue.js with other frameworks for their projects according to the requirement. Because of simplicity in integration, Vue.js is gaining more popularity as it helps build multiple types of web applications. Unlike other JavaScript Framework, Vue.js helps build a single page application where developers can add extra components without affecting the entire system.

    Concise Documentation

    Vue.js has well-written documentation, which makes it easier for beginner developers to make applications swiftly. Vue.js?s documentation includes guides and an overview of API that help developers during the development program. The documentation at Vue.js is frequently being updated and enhanced, which means even an inexperienced developer can make complex applications with limited resources.


    One of the most prominent features of the Vue.js framework is reactivity. Thanks to its reactivity feature that allows a two-way data binding. Now data binding between HTML and JavaScript code is hurdle free. Features like reactivity help developers in making real-time changes for single-page applications.


    Components are a group of codes that can be used as a template for building similar applications. Templates easily integrate into the applications without affecting the complete system. That means chunks of codes can also be used in an existing application, so you can add as many templates into your app.


    We can?t talk about Vue.js without mentioning the size of it. You can build an entire project on the Vue.js platform weigh just under 20kB after gzipping. Size is smaller compared to all other JavaScript frameworks like Angular, ReactJS, and jQuery.

    Easy Development

    The chances of error are high while you develop an application. The perks with Vue.js are that it allows development of larger groups of codes/templates. Which makes it simpler for developers and also saves their time. Because of its simpler structure, developers can build small or large-scale templates which helps them in finding errors.

    Enhanced Performance

    Applications that are developed on this framework work smoothly compared to apps that are built on other frameworks. The reason behind the performance of Vue.js is the utilization of virtual DOM. A Virtual DOM helps you in creating interesting UI for apps that are developed in Vue.js apps.

    Drawbacks of Vue.js

    Despite so many advantages of Vue.js, some flaws need to be pointed out. For example, stability is an issue since the release of the framework. That means that this framework is good to use for a personal project, and it should be carefully used for larger development projects.

    Small Community

    Vue.js framework was launched in 2014, and it is still gaining popularity. In comparison to other frameworks like React and Angular, it is not so popular. Vue.js is created by a Chinese company, so they write most of the codes in the Chinese language, which makes it hard for English language users to work on this framework. Most of the members of this framework community are non-English speakers that make it less famous among programmers

    Lack of Plugins

    Plugins are useful as it makes development easy. As Vue.js is still in the development phase, common plugins are missing. Eventually, developers need to switch to another language for help. Vue.js doesn?t have many plugins, and that is one of the gigantic disadvantages of this framework.

    Not Suitable for Large Scale-Projects

    Vue.js is a comparatively unfamiliar language, which is not used by a sizeable community of developers. The development team of Vue.js is also small, for that reason tech giants also don?t like to use it. In the JavaScript world, opting for a new language is considered being risky. In a similar line, too much flexibility and lots of options create troubles for developers while working for a larger project.

    More Flexible than Needed

    Flexibility is required, but it is not good to give too many options to the mobile app development team while they are working for significant projects, then it will create some chaos. Sometimes over flexibility is the reason for error within the code. As a result, your project will get delayed.

    Final Words

    Vue.js is popular for building a single page application and User Interface. Although, there are a lot of frameworks available that can create interesting UI and Single Page Application. According to the current situation, you need to select a framework you?ll not regret at the end of the development phase. According to the professionals, Vue.js is considered being a prominent option for small-scale projects. That means if you are working for a larger project, you need to review other frameworks.

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