Virtual Reality- Making Games More Immersive.

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Virtual Reality has made the gaming experience more inclusive and inviting for gamers worldwide. The simulation it offers to consumers has made it an indispensable part of the gaming industry with its vivid graphics. Virtual Reality provides a realistic and true-to-life simulation of the gaming arena and environment. As a result, market statistics have come out with predictions stating that the VR market size is bound to increase 7.7 times as we approach 2022. 

 Entertainment doesn’t come free of cost. When it comes to gaming, users do not shy away from spending a bomb for a cutting-edge experience. To make sure that users get their money’s worth, technological advancements in VR- based games have proven to be of great help.

The gaming industry has been successfully implementing VR technology to provide an avant-garde gaming experience to its users. Well-known gaming brands such as Microgravity have introduced their users to microgravity VR gaming leagues to make their experiences more worthwhile. These VR enhanced games add to the adrenaline rush and enhance user engagement. As a result, researchers have forecast the VR gaming market in the US to generate more than 19.5 billion dollars by the end of 2025.

Let us look into the reasons leading to the speedy growth of VR gaming.

User Engagement

 VR games hold more appeal for players as compared to games that do not incorporate VR technology. This is because VR players are well-equipped with several tools such as headsets, controllers which help in improving their engagement with the game. 

Enrich the game environment

It is only due to the VR technology that players get complete control of the game they are playing. Not only the game, but players also get to take charge of the gaming environment. Additionally, VR technology is expected to involve all human senses to provide gamers with an even more immersive experience.

Real-time experience

The most eye-catching aspect of VR technology is its ability to let players get real-time experiences while playing any game. This aspect has genuinely revolutionized the gaming industry. This also helps in improving their engaging abilities and allows them to experience the joy of gaming like never before. 

?Gaming content

VR technology is increasingly helping create new gaming content to lure its users. Various genres like shooters and simulations have gone through significant developments because of VR. VR racing games are one of the most often played games by consumers. With nearly 48 per cent of users in the US playing racing games regularly.

With VR technology gaining more and more prominence each year, the VR game trends are predicted to show significant growth. Companies like Oculus and HTC are developing newer technologies for their VR gaming headsets which would involve triggering the five human senses. The good news amidst all this development is that the prices of VR game products will be lowered to help expand its user base. World-renowned companies such as Microsoft and Nintendo are already planning to bring down the costs of their VR products. 

VR continues to remain a hot and trending topic in the world of gaming technology. VR devices have helped gamers move around the artificial gaming world and have allowed them to control the game environment. These developments have led to an increase in the market size of the VR games industry. Gamers have their hopes pinned on VR technology for introducing more advanced and life-like games. This is because VR allows users to not only play but get inside the game. 

You would have heard of video game storylines being used to make movies, the most famous being ‘Tomb Raider.’ However, Disney and Pixar did something unconventional by creating a VR game based on the animated film- ‘Coco.’ This helped with the profits and let the fans of the movie play a game based on it.

Brands such as Microgravity have stocked up a wide variety of VR games for their consumers.?Microgravity virtual reality games such as golf have helped users get the experience they always yearned for.?