What Is Better: Vinyl Printing or Embroidery?

Vinyl T-shirt printing

With the market becoming increasingly competitive, new strategies ensure that businesses do not simply survive but thrive. Customers are able to enjoy personalised apparel due to improving technology. More individuals are taking to the concept of co-creating their products. This gives them more freedom to have products that suit individual tastes at a reasonable price. With improving technology, not only has the overall cost of custom made products reduced but it has also resulted in short turnaround times. This is a win-win situation for the buyer as well as the seller.

Vinyl T-shirt printing

Technology has provided many customization options for apparel.  However, the choice between embroidery and vinyl printing depends on the cost and purpose. Vinyl transfer and custom embroidery serve very different needs. Each customisation option has its pros and cons.  Here is the process for both as well as their pros and cons:

Vinyl printing:

Vinyl Transfer is one of the highest quality printing processes for printing single or multiple colour artworks on a t-shirtVinyl T-shirt printing is commonly referred to as vinyl heat transfer printing. The designs and letters are done on pieces of coloured vinyl.  The sheet is cut in shape of design and then heat fused on a garment. This vinyl can be applied as a single layer or it can be multi layered for complex designs. The cost increases in proportion to the colours.

Vinyl Printing is the perfect choice in the following cases:

  • For colour printing on polyester or polyester blend fabrics
  • The design has one or few colours
  • Customized printing for example: names
  • It is possible to have special effects like glitter, metallic, raised HD print, glow in the dark
  • Impressive with slogans, small graphics and words

Here are a few advantages of Vinyl print:

  • The print does not fade or crack and the print does not look worn out
  • Short turnaround time due to a simple process of cutting, pasting and heating
  • Suitable for one-off prints and small quantities making it a popular choice for sports jerseys
  • Provides innumerable options for colour printing for e.g.: hologram in Vinyl printing has a striking effect
  • Very bright and bold
  • Budget friendly and suitable for short term use

Here are some disadvantages of Vinyl print

  • For printing big logos as it makes the garment sag
  • As vinyl is bold and loud, it may not be suitable for printing a fine design
  • As the finish may not be fine and the edges have plastic film which is visible making it unsuitable for formal wear.


Embroidery is an art where designs are crafted by hand onto the preferred cloth. The process includes carefully stitching designs on fabrics with special threads. Thanks to computerised embroidery machines, the task has been greatly simplified. Once the logo design is digitised, the machine begins replicating the designs on the fabric of your choice. Regardless of the thread colour you select, the cost is dependent on the number of stitches.

Embroidery can be a great choice in such situations: <h3>

  • For family, friends as well as customers and employees
  • For long term use or as keepsakes
  • Used for brand building – to reflect company values and culture
  • When you have a bigger budget as this fabric is of good quality and heavy which is perfect to show the fine detailing of the logo

Advantages specific to embroidered shirts:

  • Can be used as personal gift, to show appreciation or as memorabilia
  • Classy and reflects value
  • Long lasting
  • Creates a lasting impression since the image is clear and sharp

Nonetheless, embroidered apparel may not be the best choice if:

  • The fabric used is thin as it may not be able to hold the threads firmly
  • Budget is limited funds
  • The logo is large as more stitches translates to more cost per piece
  • Time constraints reducing time on hand for design execution
  • Not ideal for effects like glow-in-the-dark, vintage, distressed, pattern, text designs

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