Vastu for Home: Important Vastu Tips For New Home

vastu tips for new home

Vastu For Home is becoming a hot topic in the architectural and interior field. By following these tips, you can ensure that your home is a peaceful and happy place. According to Vastu Tips For New Home, the main entrance of the house is not only the main one but also the center of energy and liveliness. The main entrance of your house should be towards the north, east, or north-east direction. It should be made in such a way that when you come out, your face is towards the north, east, or northeast direction. Before buying or building a house, make sure that the house is focused on these particular directions.

Vastu of New House – Dining Hall

If there is a dining hall in your house, then the dining area should be built in the west. However, if for some reason, this is not possible, you can opt for the North, East, or South direction. But try to avoid the South West direction at any cost, as it is not a suitable direction for the dining area.

Vastu of New house – Direction of Stairs

Correct placement of stairs as per Vastu is very important to maintain peace and harmony in the house. According to the Vastu of the house, the correct Vastu for stairs is south-west direction. You can also consider other directions; However, you should consult a Vastu expert for this. But remember, for stair placement, you should avoid the north-east area at any cost.

Vastu of New house – Living room

In any house, the living room is the most special place in the house and it is the first place that guests see as soon as they enter. There should not be any dirt in the living room. The front part or living room of your new house should be in the east, north, or north-east direction. Moreover, the furniture in this room should be placed in the west or south-west direction. By doing this there will be no Vastu defects in your house.

Vastu of new house – Bedroom

For good health and prosperity, the bedroom should be in the south-west direction. The northeast direction causes health problems, while a southeast-facing bedroom can cause quarrels and fights between husband and wife. Furthermore, the bed should always be in the southwest corner of the room, with the head facing west.

Points to keep in mind when designing a bedroom:

  • The reason for this is that one should not look at the reflection while sleeping on the bed, as it leads to domestic troubles and fights.
  • Bedroom walls should be painted in neutral or light colors, as they bring positive energy. The walls should not be black.
  • There should not be paintings depicting water or fountains in the bedroom, as they can cause emotional harm.
  • Mood lighting should be used, and scented incense sticks can be burned to create a calming atmosphere.

Vastu of new house – Kitchen

According to Vastu, the kitchen should be built in the south-east direction of the house. While making a kitchen, one should avoid the north, northeast, or southwest direction of the house. The appliances in the kitchen should also be in the south-east direction. Vastu for Home – Vastu for Kitchen The kitchen and the equipment inside it should be in the right direction.

Vastu of new house – children’s room

According to Vastu, the children’s room in the new house should be built in the south-west direction. Children should sleep with their heads towards the south or east, as this brings good luck and mental peace.

Vastu of new house – meditation room

The ancient science of Vastu says that there should be a meditation room in the house where a person can introspect and connect with his spirituality.

Tips for designing a meditation room:

  • The east or northeast direction of the house is good for yoga, meditation, and other spiritual activities.
  • While meditating, your face should be towards the east, this increases positivity.
  • The color of the room should be white/green/light yellow.

Vastu of new house – bathroom and toilet

Designing the bathroom and toilet as per Vastu is as important as any other space in your new home. Vastu tips for bathroom and toilet increase your happiness and well-being by removing negative energies. Here are some Vastu tips to keep in mind for the toilet and bathroom. The northwest area of your house is the best place for a bathroom and toilet.

Avoid the south-west direction for construction of the bathroom and toilet, as it can hurt you. However, if cannot do this, we suggest using Vastu remedies to deal with its ill effects. For example, placing a Vastu pyramid outside the toilet wall or keeping the door closed at all times.

  • The toilet entrance should be along the northern or eastern wall.
  • The northwest or southeast direction is best for a toilet seat. The location should be such that while sitting on the toilet seat, the person’s face should be towards the west or east.
  • The toilet or bathroom window should be in the west, east, or north direction.
  • The shower or wash basin of your bathroom should be in the northeast, north, or east.
  • Make sure that the wall of your bathroom or toilet is not adjacent to the kitchen or puja room.
  • The outlet of the bathroom plumbing should be in the east or north direction.
  • While placing the mirror in the bathroom or toilet, ensure that it is in the east or north direction. Follow the same rules for the wash basin also.
  • According to Vastu, light pastel shades are best for bathrooms and toilets. You can choose colors like light blue, pink or grey.
  • Always choose a wooden door for your bathroom or toilet. A metal door can attract negative energy.

Vastu of new house – size of rooms

In Vastu Shastra, there are different rules for the location of all the rooms in the house. Make sure the rooms in your house follow straight lines and are square or rectangular. Avoid using any circular furniture or room as it is inappropriate as per Vastu.

Vastu of the new house – proper ventilation

Proper ventilation and adequate lighting are essential. According to Vastu, all rooms in the house should have regular sunlight and proper ventilation. By doing this, energy will flow and positivity will increase.

Vastu color of a new house

In Vastu For Home, important attention was paid to the colors with which we decorate our homes. Therefore you should avoid using dark colors. Use colors like white, yellow, pink, coral, green, orange, or blue for positive energy.

Vastu for New house – general tips

Before performing all the ceremonies, Vastu For Home suggests that you should perform Griha Pravesh of the empty house. At that time only gas or stove should be brought in the kitchen. When you enter, break a coconut on the parapet and enter the house with your right foot inside first.

Vastu Havan of new house

Havan is a fire ritual performed in a new house to seek the blessings of God. The members of the household pray to Lord Ganesha and offer fire, flowers, turmeric, ghee, and coconut as Prasad. Holy Ganga water is sprinkled everywhere throughout the house to remove negativity.

Vastu of new house – study room

You either study or like to study in the study room. According to Vastu Shastra, the correct direction of the study room is either west of south-west or north-west. These directions help in building focus and improving concentration.

Vastu of New house – store room

Most of us like to keep all the useless items in our house in the store room. You can make a store room in any direction except North East in the new house. There are two types of bags in every household – those that we use from time to time and those that we do not use enough or do not use at all. In Ghar Vastu, you are advised to get rid of the bags which you do not use. Keeping such a bag in your home for a long time invites negative energy.


The first need of every family is its home. At the time when this dream is going to come true, we should take care that the house is completely prosperous. God’s house, and temple should be placed in the northeast corner and the water storage house should be placed in the north direction and there should be a bathroom in the middle of the northeast corner. Want to know more about Vastu tips for home construction, then online astrology consultation will help you.