Benefits of valet storage over self-storage

Storage is very helpful when moving, renovating your home, or simply lacking some free space. Knowing your belongings are safe while saving space in your house is a huge relief. However, when it comes to picking the right kind of storage, people are puzzled. They struggle to decide what the best choice is. Today we’re going to discuss why valet storage might be the best option for you. Read all the benefits of valet storage over self-storage and find some lesser-known tips for storing your things appropriately.

The main differences between valet and self-storage

Firstly, let’s go through the definitions of these two terms so we can go deeper into the matter. Valet storage is similar to valet parking services. You trust your items to a skilled employee who will pick up, store, and deliver your items back whenever you need them. On the other hand, self-storage is like renting an extra room for your home. You rent a storage space available to you at all times, and you can store your belongings any time and any way you want. You prepare your items for storage, transport them, and organize your storage unit, all on your own.�

Having professionals handle your items is very convenient and budget-friendly. alt.tag: three people discussing benefits of valet storage over self-storage

Reasons to go for valet storage 

Even though both of these options have their pros and cons, we want to point out all the benefits of valet storage over self-storage. After considering all of these, you can evaluate your storage needs and ensure you make the best choice.

You don�t need to think about the size 

When taking a self-storage, you need to carefully consider the size and number of items you will be storing. It is necessary to pick a storage unit of the right size in order not to waste too much money. On the other hand, with valet storage, you don’t need to worry about the storage size. You order the services for a certain amount of items, and that�s it. Finally, you don’t pay for the whole storage unit, but just for the space you actually need. It is an additional benefit of taking valet storage � it saves you money!

It�s more convenient 

Probably the main advantage of valet storage services over self-storage is the convenience of the whole process. Instead of worrying about packing, transport, and placing your items in a storage unit � valet storage saves you time and nerves. Your items are safely packed in plastic containers, picked up, and delivered to the storage space. You don’t need to worry about anything and still get premium storage services. When it comes to packing your items, plastic bins are a good choice in any case. They will protect your items in storage, as they don’t bend or let any liquids inside. Whatever storage type you choose, pack your items safely so they don�t get damaged.

Valet storage is safer 

Another point where valet storage wins is security. Even though self-storage units have certain security measures, valet-storage wins for one simple reason � no outsiders, including customers, are allowed to the storage space. It means that people can’t get the items independently but have to request the valet service to deliver them. This increases safety to a higher level and makes valet storage services a more desirable option. 

The best conditions for your items 

Premium storage services such as valet storage offer the best possible conditions for your items. For example, should you need climate-controlled storage, you can be sure your belongings will be stored in a unit with the right atmospheric conditions, which will protect your items from temperature changes, condensation, etc. This is very important if you’re storing electronics, wooden objects, valuable documents, and other items sensitive to moisture. In addition, keeping the temperature levels steady will create a protective atmosphere and prevent damage to the items stored in the unit.�

You can save a lot of time 

As the process of getting valet storage services is very simple, you can save a lot of time during moving or renovating your home. Valet storage is the best option if you have a busy schedule and can�t deal with looking for and traveling to a storage unit, packing and storing your items, and traveling back to your home. Valet storage simplifies the process and helps people save a lot of time � probably the most valuable thing in the modern world.�

Should you go for valet storage services?

Deciding whether you need valet storage or self-storage depends on your current situation, storage needs, and future plans. Opting for valet storage services is great if you:

  • need more space in your house � even after decluttering, which can not only improve our living space but also help us increase our home value if we decide to sell, we sometimes deal with the lack of space in our home. Storage services are an excellent solution for people who want more space but don’t want to give up on certain items;
  • move house � if you need to move but can’t move in immediately, storage space can help you with this problem. Valet storage will ensure your items are picked up and delivered to your new home once you can move in. You don’t need to hurry with setting up the new house;
  • renovate � it’s much easier to remodel a home without too many items lying around. Have valet storage professionals pick these items and store them in a safe unit until your home is ready and you’re done with all the renovation work;
  • are a college student on summer break � when a college student needs space for their items during summer while they are at home, valet storage is a safe and budget-friendly option. Students’ belongings will wait for them until the school year starts again.

 And during that time, they won’t have to pay the rent, which is undoubtedly higher than the storage service fees.  

As you can see, there are many benefits of valet storage over self-storage. But, of course, your decision will depend on your current needs and whether you will need to access your belongings while they are in storage. In any way, we hope we have helped you make that decision. Now, it’s time to prepare the items you want to store and make a simple phone call to order a valet pick-up.

meta: To store your items the best way, read about the benefits of valet storage over self-storage to help you make the right decision. 

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