Valentine?s Day Drinks

This year Valentine?s Day seemingly falls on a Friday, this might be a sign from above to let yourself lose and enjoy the night with your boo, without having to worry about getting up for work the next day, all hung-over and with a terrible headache. You can completely enjoy yourself without any restraints, but what?s a valentine day without any special drinks. Can become kind of dull right? Well, here to fix this problem of yours is a list of 4 Valentine?s Day Drinks to savor in each sip, and also drinks that don?t pack quite a punch so you can stay a little buzzed but still enjoy yourself all through the night.


Chambord has quite an exquisite taste already but when paired up with some sparkling wine, and a raspberry garnish. The true royal nature of this drink comes into play, this drink can be perfect to lighten up the mood this Valentine?s Day as the color red represents love. All you need to make this drink is to pour 1/3 Oz of Chambord into a flute glass, with some sparkling wine layer, and then use the raspberry juice as a garnish to add a little tender red color.


When it comes to drink with a transparent color and a light rosy fragrance, Lillet will always cross an individual?s mind. Why? Because that?s just how good the drink is, so for this Valentine?s Day we thought of concocting a pretty special drink using Lillet. By just adding 3 Oz of Lillet with Sparkling water or Soda, and garnishing it with edible flowers, you can make one of the best sweet and romantic alcoholic drink for your significant other. Now, since Lillet is quite a famous brand, the drink doesn?t come in cheap but lucky for you theirs a special Valentine?s Day Sale going on. So, you can easily get it a pretty low cost.


Another item on our list is a drink that?ll do wonders when paired up with some spicy and crunchy food, like chicken wings, or crispy chicken. We all love tequila and without doing shots Valentine?s Day might feel incomplete to some. Well, here to satisfy those some people is Tanteo Red Pepper Tequila, easy to make, and spicy to take. To make the drink you?ll need Valentine?s Day Discount Codes to first avail it at a discount and then puree some red peppers for the cocktail. Combine 1 ? of Tanteo Chipotle tequila with saved ice, throw in some mescal 3/4, and add a little lime for that electrifying twist at the end.


We have all heard of appletini?s, but since tis be the month of love why not we say uh buh bye to the appletini?s and welcome a new drink of romance in town The Rose Martini. The drink couldn?t be simpler to make, all you just need is 1 ? Oz of shaken vodka, ? Oz rosewater, and ? Oz lemon juice or syrup. Mix them all up and stir a little for a few seconds, and to add the finishing touches place the edible petals on top. Creating a perfectly transparent rose drink for your significant other to enjoy.

So, this is it for our list of top 4 Valentine?s Day drinks, if you guys seem to have any problem in finding the drinks or seem to think that these drinks may cost you a pretty penny. Then since this is the season of love you can always use the Valentine?s Day Promo Codes to get them at pretty low costs. Hope you enjoyed our brief list of drinks, and we hope that you have a Happy Valentine?s Day.

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