trek in winter

    The so-called ‘Lands of the Gods’ is sometimes referred to as the Indian State of Uttarakhand, situated just west of Nepal. Hindus have made long pilgrimages to the Ganga source that begins in glaciers high in the Himalayas, the Gangotri Glacier. The second highest mountain in India and the host of another 7000m + mountain peak Uttarakhand is home to Nanda Devi (7,816 m/25,643 ft), which is a fabulous hiker’s destination.

    trek in winter

    It is further divided into the western Garhwal division and the eastern Kumaon division, known as the Garhwal Himalayas. Delhi can take regular flights to Dehradun, but the mountains still pass through rocky mountains within a few days. A safe place to rest for those on the way into the mountains is the small town of Rishikesh on the shores of the Ganges and at the foot of the Himalayas. Between April and early June, and again in October and November, is the best trekking season. Here are some of the region’s best treks. call delta airlines reservations.

    Gangotri Glacier Trek or Gomukh Tapovan :

    The tour runs from Gangotri to the Gangotri Glacier, one of the biggest and Ganges River springs in the Indian Himalayas. This is a folk walk and also a pilgrimage to religion. Gomukh means cows snout and refers to the Ganges River’s sources, where it comes from the glacier’s end.

    You have fantastic views of Mount Shivling and the mountain peaks of Bhagirathi. Mount Shivling 6,543 m/21,467 ft. The holy symbol of Lord Shiva is referred to by name, although it is not especially great by Himalayan standards, and is also called the ‘Matterhorn.’

    Chandershila Trek & Deorital Trek

    This short 4-day trek from Rishikesh is an excellent choice when you only have a small amount of time. The trail in Sari Village is a little longer than a half day’s drive. It’s a quick walk to Deorital Lake for 45 minutes with beautiful views and camping. On the second day, you reach Chopta and then Chandershila summit, with spectacular views over Chaukhamba 7000 m above sea level.

    The whole walk has beautiful views of the Himalayas and Chandershila is 4000 meters, so the walk doesn’t have any problems with acclimation. If you go to the Rhododendron in April, expect the hills to be pink.

    Valley of Flowers Trek

    This 4 or 5-day walk takes you to the most common wildflowers in the Himalayas and is best done during the Monsoons when the flowers are in full flower, as opposed to the other above-listed walkways. There should be plenty of rain in Trekkers and thus plan. Thankfully, the beauty of the flowers makes it possible to sit in one of Ghangria’s huts so as to get dry and stay away from the rain at night. The walk begins at Govind Ghat and is the first day to walk to Ghangria, a small village.

    Roopkund Trek

    This picturesque 6-day walk brings us to the “hunted” Roopkund lake, renowned for the human skeletons seen on the lake (4450 m / 14600 ft). According to local tradition, the lake includes several hundred ancient remains. It’s a beautiful hike, apart from the mystery surrounding the lake. Starting in the thick forests of oak and rhododendrons, the trail leads to the treelines where trekkers can glimpse the gigantic peaks of Trishul, Nanda Ghunti & Badrinath.

    Kedarkantha trek

    One of the classic gems of winter treks in the Himalayas is Kedarkantha Trek. The Kedarkantha trek in winter will be your best bet when it comes to trekking in India. With dropping winter snow, the view is fascinating and more enticing, from the trails right up to the top at an altitude of 12,500 feet.

    For adventure people who like snow and high mountains, regardless of their experience, it’s recommended. This trek is more than welcome for beginners. In this trek, we find the beautiful campgrounds in the Himalayas, where every site is special and not beautiful with other campgrounds on our journey.

    Rupin Pass

    Turning waterfalls, fantastic views, and flower-laden wetlands will make this one trek happy for everyone. The trail begins from Dhaula, a small village of 1560 m, and goes up to Rupin Pass at an altitude of almost 10,000 feet over 6 days. On the way to the pass, the trail passes through Jakha, a small village where people follow the road to the inner truth of Satsang.

    Pindari Glacier

    This is the only trek to the Kumaon part of the Himalayans. It is the only one listed. It is a spectacular trek through a wild area that provides a fantastic view of the Himalayan Nanda Devi, Trishul, and Nanda Kot. It’s a hike from the Pindari River to the glacier for six days. The trek is just very difficult and local people keep the trek in line.

    Dodital Trek

    This famous 5-day trek starts in Uttarkashi and leads you into the beautiful Dodital Lake (3,024 m) and Darwa Top viewpoint (4150m). With the exception of the moonsoon duration from June to August, the low elevations permit the trek throughout the year. The lake is renowned for its golden trout, easily found in the clear crystal water and set in the west of the Rhododendron and Oak trees, that flourish in April. Darwa Top views in the ranges Bandarpunch and Swargarohini.


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