Use SMS to improve communication during admissions and enrollment.

SMS for education is not a necessity but a necessity these days with the ongoing digital world. Researchers have already proved that students prefer SMS messaging as they often aren’t likely to respond with email marketing or traditional phone. As retention and enrollment rates are critical, school texting provides several benefits. Before going any further, let’s talk about why SMS is great for enrollment and admissions.

Why Use SMS for enrollment and admissions?

The effectiveness of other messaging mediums is diminishing rapidly. Students aren’t opening emails and aren’t going to loft your car that easily. When it comes to social media, your tweet or posts will be accompanied by others’ posts and can easily lose within the crowd. But SMS features and its engagement levels can beat any tactics.

SMS for education

Look at its open rates. SMS a huge 98% of open rates were just 20%, by Emails. Just 20% of people answer the calls; however, SMS messages are easily read within five seconds. You might be thinking why engagement is grey on these channels. Here the main answer lies within the convenience factor ? mainly within younger people. Mobile-friendliness is even the key to audiences. As SMS is accessible for cellular devices, it is great to attract prospective students.

Wherever your prospects are living, they might spend much time messaging. Research also demonstrates that SMS is the best channel to communicate with people.

If they didn’t jump over the messaging bandwagon, there is no reason why you shouldn’t try it.

SMS strategies for enrollment and admissions

1. Save your time by sending any reminders.

Another great benefit to integrate SMS for education for your marketing campaign is to remind students. Through SMS gateway services such as Guni SMS, you can automatically incorporate student data and existing CRM. With SMS, high education Institutions could send students reminders regarding:

  • Deadlines ? inform your students about upcoming deadlines such as exams, regular fees, exam reminders before the event ends. Preemptive text messaging helps people plan well to decrease stress during busy periods.
  • Reminding about applications– Inform your students about the application’s issues such as missing forms, incomplete forms, transcripts, and more vital documents. These make sure applications are earned within time.
  • Notify about events ? Remind students about career fairs, registration drives, alumni events, and more activities which parents and students don’t know about.

An example SMS:


The deadline for the scholarship that you requested will be closed on 31st December. Get your application before that. [Add link]

2. Best your competition

Until you tell why students need to look at your educational institution, how can those people know it? Right, so let them know what made you so different from others by offering details about opportunities and programs and more. You can also send SMS about where they could discover degree needs and what students can expect after finishing a certain major degree.

Finding an educational institution is itself a tough process for any parent or student. Text messages are the best way to provide messages or motivation that encourage them to finish the application. By sending resources or tips can make it simple to go through it. As we said above, try to send SMS reminders regarding any further deadlines about your administration process.

An example SMS:

Hi John, happy to announce that applications are opened to start this academic year at ABC schools. Looking to review your application.Good luck!

3. Send important student and faculty alerts.

After admission is finished, try to send SMS updates for any crucial school updates that include sending bulk SMS for school activities, courses and can keep faculty in the loop with any updates of any registration process.

An example SMS:

Hi John, join us in the ABCschools on 24th October at 9 AM to know about groups,

clubs and more opportunities to get involved in the new school. Can’t wait to see you there.


Finally, SMS for education is helpful not just for a mission process but also for anything that you think your students, parents, or staff should know about. The sound of vibration or message toms after one gets the SMS can’t be easily ignored by anyone

With that saying, SMS in schools, colleges, or university admissions is an effective marketing channel that generates excellent ROI. Universities approve SMS as the best communication channel for more engagement, high enrollment yield, retention rates, and tremendous recipient satisfaction. How can we forget the time savings and effective productivity?

To be effective, one needs higher education texting services. Award-winning texting solution services such as Guni SMS make it too simple. A scalable and simple MMS Messaging that is affordable but effective too. Just ping or call us today. Our SMS experts are excited to talk and renovate your educational institution like never before.