7 Unique Birthday Return Gift Ideas For Your Kids Birthday Party

kids birthday return gift ideas

Those tiny little footsteps of your kid walking on the floor make you gaze them at awe! When your kid smiles while coming sparkling to you, it catches your eye forever! The visage on the baby’s face tells you that you drew down the cutest miracle on this planet! Your lives change when you have a kid, and it gets more when you get worried about planning a baby’s birthday party & gifts! Ain’t I, correct? You must be thinking about the party theme all the time, wondering about which cake to order,  what food to set in the menu and about leading caterers! Well, birthday parties sound super exciting, yet are scary, too!

You have had to keep things the utmost funky you can because of your child’s supernatural fantastical imaginations. Your market visits may double up to an extent like never before! The most tedious task is to come to a decision about the return gifts. Parents go nuts while deciding what to offer kids as the return gifts for their kid’s birthday. Often, tricky things take place, ending in giving away chocolates or pastry packs to kids! Perhaps, to help you, in this article, we have compiled a list of seven uniquely excellent birthday return gift ideas for your kid’s birthday party. Find out what you like the most!

1. Child Bank

If you are thinking of the best first birthday return gifts, I can tell you nothing beats piggy banks! In my childhood, I went to some of the birthday parties of my friends. I got a child bank in the shape of the postbox. I loved it, and it made me motivated to save small denominations of money. Gifting child banks to kids at birthday parties are not only affordable but also useful in their daily lives. I collected nearly around 6,000 bucks when I was eight in the same child bank. Go gifting it, mummies and daddies! 

2. Stationery Kit

Other helpful things you can think of to give as the return gifts to kids coming to your child’s birthday party are stationery products. I know small kids get fascinated by those fancy pencil sharpeners. Those funky shapes of erasers take away their interests the most! The cartoons drawn on the pencil allures them.

The favorite characters printed on the scale will make them dream about it more. Being a parent to a kid, you can collect all of these stationery products, make a kit, and wrap it all in a fashionable gift paper, and give them as birthday return gifts.

3. Comics and Puzzles

Can you imagine a gift that looks good as well as contributes to the mental development of the kids? Well, I do! What about giving all the kids a puzzle game? While they can think of it as a game, solving a puzzle will make their brains sharp.

You can surely gift a puzzle set to all the kids. Comics are the closest substitute for puzzles. A set of comic books can work for you as well. To name a few, you can give ‘This One Summer’ or ‘Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic’ to kids. Comics and puzzles are valuable return gifts!

4. Funky Pouches

Kids are all about fancy pouches and school bags. They would wonder for getting a different colored, uniquely designed, and a rare shaped pouch to bring in the class to make their friends see it and feel inferior to them. You can think of giving funky pouches to children aged 5-10 years old. Parents can make out packings of these pouches that are cute enough for a kid who is receiving it. Also, you can fill in some candies or cookies and make the return gift more tempting for kids! Kids would love taking these pouches to schools and their classes even.

5. Clay Molds

Particular playhouses in schools have separate clay rooms for their students. Students get to know and learn how to make clay models. The happiness of the child of making the first clay dinosaur, or creating the first clay hippopotamus is irreplaceable.

They can play with clay in their free time and could learn a lot about shapes, animals, and alphabets through them in a fun way. Parents could have a great option to make their child develop intelligently by way of enjoyment. It is advisable that you give clay molds to kids as their birthday return gifts. I know it’s the best!

6. Digital Wrist Watch

You must be aware of your kid wanting to grab all those stuff you have put on you! Either your necklace or your wristwatch! Kids find some things alluring, and it grabs their attention a lot. The light from that unusual wristwatch makes the kid look at it steadily and wish to grab it soon. Give a place to wristwatches on your birthday return gifts and see the result! You might wonder, but giving away wristwatches to kids as birthday return gifts has always worked better. Kids would get a stunning gift, and all along, they would learn how to manage their time wisely.

7. Trendy Bags

I still remember my obduracy, for having a new school bag each year I grade up in my school. During the school days having a new backpack, each year was a completely different triumph! Like fancy pouches, kids find trendy school bags enticing. They love carrying the minion bags to school and stare at it the whole day. The excitement of carrying funky bags is absolutely more than bringing the books! Being a parent, you can keep the choice of your kid in mind and select his or her favorite backpack. Give them as birthday return gifts and get loved more from all the kids.

So, pick any one of these things for your kid’s this year’s birthday party return gift, and give goodbye to worrying about it anymore! Try them every year!