Understanding The 3 Levels Of GAF Certified Roofers

In the roofing industry, certain levels or certifications are highly respected. GAF-certified roofers are highly placed in the industry. To know if a roofer is reliable can be trusted and well experienced. Being a GAF Certified roofer says it all. This article will discuss the main difference between the 3 levels of GAF certifications and their advantages to homeowners.

The Three (3) Aspects of GAF Certified Roofers

Experience matters most in every industry. So when you come across a GAF-certified roofer with any of these levels of certifications, you should be able to place them and know their advantages to your roofing projects.

1. Authorized Contractor

This is the first level of GAF certifications. Any roofing contractor that has successfully obtained this level means they can freely offer all kinds of GAF products. Furthermore, being badged as an authorized installer means the roofer has the right to offer the System Plus Limited Warranty. This type of warranty from GAF offers 100% materials defect coverage on the whole roofing system for up to 50 years. But, on the other hand, it serves as a major protection for your investment under normal conditions.

2. Certified? Contractor

Certified? Contractor is another level of GAF certifications that gives the installer access to all the privileges of an Authorized installer. Only licensed contractors can get these privileges. This type of certification is proof that the roofing company is dedicated to its professional training and getting updated with the latest roofing technologies in Trenton Michigan, roofing services. In addition, this certification indicates that the holder has a good Better Business Bureau rating as stamped by GAF.

3. Master Elite? Contractor

This is one of the highest levels of GAF certifications. Obtaining this certification means a distinction that is only gotten by the top 3% of all roofing contractors. Aside from bagging all the certified roofers’ credentials, the Master Elite? Contractor certification needs adequate insurance coverage. 

Best Part Master Elite? Contractors

One of the better parts of owning a Master Elite? contractor certification is that the holder has exclusive access to GAF’s Golden Pledge? Limited Warranty. This type of warranty provides all that the System Plus offers with an addition of 25-year workmanship coverage. This is a whole peace of mind to homeowners. In this case, GAF would take care of the responsibility to service your roofing system even if your roofer goes out of business.

In addition, the Golden Pledge Warranty qualifies the homeowner for the GAF 40-point roofing issues prevention inspection of completed roofs. This is a thorough checkup that covers every aspect of the roofing installation. It is a confirmation that roofers finish up the roof installation perfectly. 


Dealing with Master Elite GAF Certified roofers in Trenton Michigan is worth it. The advantages of working with a GAF-certified roofer are high. First, find out if the roofer you are planning to sign that contract with has any of these GAF certifications. It would be best if you were assured that your roofer is reliable and trusted. Remember, your roof is delicate, so work with the best roofer in your community.