Ultimate Guide To Getting Printed Floor Graphics Today

printed floor graphics

As social distancing is the new normal today, business owners need printed floor graphics. Printing these requires wide format equipment that produces banners, canvas, and posters as well. After printing, the material is laminate with anti-slip material to prevent falls. Then, the sticker is cut to eliminate unwanted material and to match the space available in your establishment.?

Retailers today should play a part in keeping their staff and customers safe. Establishments that receive a lot of people including grocery stores, hardware stores, banks, and other offices need floor stickers. Owners of essential businesses should put the health and safety of customers and staff first by ensuring that everyone practices social distancing. 

Why spend on printing floor stickers

Social distancing 

As the world is fighting to combat the coronavirus pandemic, business owners have to play their part. Floor stickers are a wonderful solution to ensure everyone practices social distancing while in your establishment. The stickers are simple but highly effective in ensuring that everyone stays safe. You should invest in floor stickers for placing on the floors near the checkout point or aisles. This will ensure that everyone can notice them and follow directions. 

Guiding retailers

Sometimes people need guidance, especially during the current health crisis. Retailers should see the details on the floor to tell what to do next. You have to get printing company services for stickers for placing on any flat surface. This ensures that customers can visually see the information and remember to see the appropriate behavior expected from them. With new regulations out frequently to maintain safety, displaying what is expected of them is very important such as reminding them of the need to wear a face mask before entering your establishment.?

Keep this in mind

For essential businesses that are open and allowing customers to come in, then you need floor stickers. Installing these tickers shows the responsibility to keep staff and customers safe in your establishment. Safety from coronavirus is among the most stressful moments for business owners. Installing floor stickers with pictures and directions is a proactive thing to do. Customers today feel safe coming into a store with safeguard measures in place. Investing in floor stickers portrays commitment to keeping everyone safe.

Use of stickers in different work environments 

In offices

When creating a strategy for using stickers to maintain social distancing, putting your audience and the size of your space is very important. An office with few people requires only a few stickers. Since some staff is likely to be working from home, it helps lower the cost of investing in stickers. The best place to install stickers is areas that are likely to receive heavy traffic including entrances, reception area, kitchen, toilets, and hallways near exits.

You can also place stickers in other locations of your office as long as they receive traffic. To avoid the stickers from just becoming background noise, consider changing the design and color of your stickers. Keep in mind that essential placement is very important so that people can benefit from your stickers. 

Retail stores

Printed floor graphics Stickers are ideal in showing safety policies and practices to observe in your establishment. This eliminates chances of confusion and avoids chances of non-compliance. You have to place the stickers near areas where customers interact with your staff like at the checkout area and near main entrances. At the checkout area, you can place stickers encouraging customers to use cashless payment options.?

For shoppers to feel safe inside your store, use stickers to guide them throughout the establishment while keeping social distancing amongst other shoppers. You can use various formats of stickers including movement flow or single direction flow stickers. In the queuing areas and cross aisles, stickers help remind people to stay two meters apart. 

In factories

The layout of factories varies in the way people work, level of interaction, and routes are taken. Stickers marking designated areas particularly for relaying items are necessary. The area can be for people to drop tools before others pick them just like delivery drivers operate. This limits close contact while ensuring that work goes on smoothly throughout the factory. 

You can also use floor stickers to separate various areas and to mark personal workspaces. This limits close contact with other staff. Single direction arrows are also useful in limiting access to particular areas hence minimizing close contact. The best places where to install stickers are those that receive heavy traffic including the reception and hallways. 

Temporary vs. Permanent stickers

The end of the current worldwide crisis is uncertain. When looking for stickers, two options are available including temporary and permanent stickers. For social distancing stickers, permanent ones are a great solution. However, temporary stickers are for passing on any message that you want to pass on to the public. You can take off the temporary stickers after their purpose. Alternatively, permanent stickers last up to 5 years. 

Bottom line

The pandemic has encouraged the realization that there is a need to enforce more safety measures in work environments. Printed floor graphics tickers are ideal in various environments to remind people about the need to stick to safety guidelines.??