Uber has a new rival spreading its wings across the globe ? Uber App Clone

uber app clone

When Uber was initially launched, there was the consensus that it was the best taxi app the world had ever seen and that nothing could be better. However, new developments always come and beat the existing product, irrespective of how good the original is. That is exactly what is happening with Uber. Uber Clone, an on-demand taxi app, is now available in the global market and set to beat Uber.?

Why Uber Clone is fast gaining popularity across the globe

Uber Clone is a budgeted version of Uber, just that it is also better and has more smart features. Therefore it is a no-brainer that anyone wishing to invest in the taxi industry or wanting an app to smarten up their taxi business would go for an app that offers them value for money and more. That is exactly what Uber Clone is doing. Uber Clone is a more cost-effective and better version than Uber with features that are bigger and better than the original.?

Uber has also come into the limelight for the wrong reasons, and users quickly lose their faith in this app. They want an app they feel is safe to use, protects their privacy, and keeps them secure without being drawn into the media limelight for scandalous reasons. Uber Clone is providing just that ? a smooth, hassle-free, and secure ride for the riders, security and a good reputation for the drivers, and an overall good image to the taxi business owner.?

Features of Uber Clone that make it exceptional

Uber Clone has the same three components as Uber: a rider app, a driver app, and an admin panel.

The features of the rider app include the following:

  • Ease of registration?
  •  Easy to login
  •  A ride request just by a tap
  •  Fare estimation was provided before confirming the ride
  •  Choice of vehicle and? driver to suit the rider’s budget
  •  A fully automated payment system, allowing payment through cash, card, Paypal and e-wallet
  •  Google Maps to facilitate the identification of pickup and drop-off points
  •  Chat facility
  •  Real-time tracking system to check taxi’s location at all times
  •  Riders can view drivers? reviews and ratings before booking
  •  Facility to give review/rating of the whole experience

The features of the driver app include:

  • Easy registration
  •  Ease of logging in
  •  Drivers can avail themselves simply by tapping on the app
  •  Facility to choose the location from where they want to operate
  •  Reject or accept rides feature
  •  Ratings and reviews
  •  Google Maps ensure that drivers use the best possible route as far as time and fuel consumption are concerned.?
  •  Ride history can be availed on the app.

Features of the admin panel include:

  • View and Manage Riders? trip requests
  •  Facility to view all ratings and reviews provided by drivers as well as riders
  •  Registration, vetting, and management of drivers
  •  Management of red spots
  •  Facility to change commissions and decide surge pricing dates and times
  •  View driver history
  •  View reports for all passengers and drivers

The above are just some features a potential user will get with Uber Clone. The above list is incomplete; the user can choose the features he requires for his app and business. The vendor usually provides the full list of available features when you make your inquiry. 

If you think that Uber Clone is the app for your taxi business, it is time to check out its demo and even test-drive it on the road to see how well it performs. Just contact the developer who has designed the app; he will provide you with whatever you require and more so that your business not only stands out but becomes the next Uber. Get your app designed so that Uber is no longer a household name but Uber Clone.