Benfits of developing an Uber Eats clone app

There is an astronomical growth when we speak about online food ordering/ delivery mobile application business. The proof is the emergence of several mobile apps that cater to this business which includes the likes of Seamless, Postmates, Eat 24, Postmates and of course UberEats. We can say with confidence that this business is here to stay firmly at present and for the far future from a profitability point of view. This business is highly and mutually beneficial for both the food craving hungry customers and the enterprises as well. UberEats Clone apps and other such mobile apps are making use of this phenomenon called online food delivery to amass vast sums of revenue.

What made UberEats app such a massive success?

Despite intense competition in this field, it is UberEats that is reigning supreme as the most popular food ordering/ delivery mobile app. Ever since its debut six years, this San Francisco based food ordering/delivery platform has witnessed considerable growth and has earned revenue amounting to $1.46 billion in 2018. Across the globe, it has acquired quite a significant user following and share. 

Currently, UberEats is operating in 200 cities around the globe and is expanding its operational base to more than 20 countries as well. What more? New York Times revealed the fact that UberEats is accumulating even more profits when compared to the ride-hailing app Uber itself. Now let�s see what the factors that contributed to its name and fame are:

�          UberEats offers prompt services to its customer base irrespective of the delivery locations, be it hospitals, parks, workplaces and of course homes.

�          It offers a plethora of options on how the food has to be delivered.

�          Dedicated and smart usage of push notifications for discount codes, offers, orders and the such

�          The app is packed with several enthralling/ highly useful features and also comes with a fresh User interface design

�          The powerful brand name of its multinational ride-hailing parent company and its ever-growing expansion. 

�          Partnership with several popular eateries

Besides, this March alone, UberEats saw a 30% rise in terms of customers due to the on-going Corona Pandemic. Thereby, now it is more or less the right time to develop and deploy your UberEats clone application.

Developing a food ordering/delivery app

A survey from Statista revealed that for this year, the revenue generated by the online food delivery domain summed up to US $136,431 Million. Developing a business in this sector is one of the best ways to gain huge revenues. The best way to do this is by developing a food delivery app. The cost may vary between 50,000 to 60,000 dollars.

You can opt for a cost-efficient solution in the form of an UberEats clone app and spend some amount on branding your business. An UberEats clone app may sound similar to the original UberEats app, but it comes packed with its own set of amazing features. In this way, you can gain a competitive edge over the other rivals in the market. The secret recipe for success is to make both your UberEats clone app and the subsequent marketing strategies innovative and smart. This was what that made the original Uber Eats app to achieve such a thumping success.


By now, you would have contemplated developing your UberEats Clone app seeing how profitable it is in the present market and the current pandemic that has enshrouded the entire world.

We can finish the entire work related to a feature-rich UberEats clone for an affordable price ranging between $15,000 � $20,000.

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