Types of Rail mounted Terminal blocks in India and their Advantages

Standard and Customized RMTBs (RMTB) suitable for all applications:

These terminal block systems used in rail-mounting help you take on any obstacle. Your solution will rest on our extensive catalogue of high-efficiency terminal blocks.


  • Extensive selection of high-performance terminal blocks to suit every need
  • The greatest possible standard of safety, with testing that goes above what is required by industry norms
  • Industry-proven Technology based on the use of spring pressure to make connections is swift, robust, and requires minimal upkeep.
  • Costs are reduced even further because of the removal of service fees and the expedited completion of projects thanks to connections that never need to be serviced.
  • There is no need for time-consuming preparation, such as ferrules or crimping.

Rail mounted terminal blocks in India that are used for Maintenance-Free Connections are as follows:


S RMTB provides more benefits than merely dependable electrical connections in a variety of industrial applications and contemporary building projects. The extensive product line of function terminal blocks that are used for cross-sections of the conductor ranging from 0.14 to 25 mm2 (26?4 AWG) provides a number of benefits to customers.


  • Cage Clamp that accepts push-in connections universally is applicable to all kinds of conductors
  • The termination of Push-in stranded as well as solid conductors, in addition to fine-stranded conductors with ferrules
  • The appropriate response to any and all matters pertaining to the commoning: continuous, neighbouring, step-down, vertical, and other types of jumpers are available.
  • Marking strips that are continuous and have multiple lines for use in reducing the amount of time and money spent on marking
  • reserves for risk management that dominate the industry in terms of a terminal block system (rail mount) that is solely adaptable to nearly any application anywhere in the world.

S Installation RMTB:

S Installation Rail mounted terminal blocks in India?that come with the dependability of the Cage Clamp offer the appropriate terminal block for each and all building applications thanks to its extensive cross-sectional variety and push-in cage clamp reliability. Terminal blocks that may be mounted on installation rails give users the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are prepared for ever-evolving and expanding construction requirements.


  • You can hook up four 0.5?4 mm2 conductors (20?12 AWG)
  • Push-in cage clamps allow for quick, on-site wiring, by terminating solid conductors, conductors that are fine-stranded with ferrules, or ultrasonically bonded conductors.
  • If you choose to have the mounting plate operate as a ground, the varnish on the plate will be immediately absorbed.
  • Easy installation even by hand through push-buttons
  • There are built-in test points that make using a 2 mm test plug a breeze.

S-SYSTEM Pluggable RMTB:

The S-SYSTEM is offered a choice between two distinct cross-sections. It is highly compatible with the S RMTB that we sell as well as the extensive selection of accessories that come with any Terminal Block belonging to the S Rail-Mount family.


  • Use a terminal block as narrow as 3.5 mm to connect wires as small as 1.5 mm2 (16 AWG), or as wide as 5.2 mm to connect wires as large as 4 mm2 (12 AWG).
  • Simple wiring using a push-in cage clamp
  • Ferrules present on fine-stranded conductors allow the termination of stranded as well as solid conductors to be pushed in,
  • Groups with identical pole numbers should be encoded to avoid accidental mating.
  • Locking levers and strain-relief plates help keep female plugs in place.

High-Current RMTB:

Applying spring pressure, the 185 mm2 conductor capacity of the high-current RMTB that comes with a power cage clamp joins electrical cables (350 kcmil). Available sizes include 35 mm2, 50 mm2, 95 mm2, as well as 185 mm2. It comes in two distinct styles, one that attaches to DIN rail mounted terminal blocks in India?and another that bolts straight onto the plate with the use of mounting flanges.


  • The production of energy, along with other energy-intensive businesses such as equipment as well as machinery manufacturing,
  • Also, it can withstand extreme temperatures without breaking down.
  • The 185 mm2/350 kcmil Ex e II certifications are still in pending status.
  • Easy wiring is possible because of the side-entry facility given in the conductor insertion as well as the locking tab.
  • There is no need for time-consuming preparation such as ring terminals or ferrules, allowing for quick termination.

Mini RMTB:

Miniature RMTB is a great choice when working with tight quarters and small conductors. These terminal blocks use tried-and-true cage clamp technology to make connections that are both sturdy and vibration-resistant.


  • Need only a small enclosure
  • Light grey models are available for Ex e II installations and can be mounted on a DIN-15 or DIN-35 rail.
  • Simple combining, grading, and checking of results.

Classic RMTB:

The RMTB program, which utilizes tried and tested cage clamp Pluggable Rail mounted terminal blocks in India, RMTB for fuse terminal blocks, connecting actuators and sensors, diode terminal blocks, disconnect/test terminal blocks, as well as terminal blocks with LED are just some of the options available from Connection Technology.


  • Blocks of terminals with multiple levels: Terminal blocks with either double or triple-tier cage clamp connectors that save space and have been tried and proven billions of times.
  • Individual commoning alternatives that are multifaceted come in the form of step-down jumpers, push-in jumper bars, vertical jumpers, staggered jumpers, and many more.
  • Identification of circuits through the use of WMB markers
  • Simple testing through the use of modular test plugs as well as pluggable adapters, in addition, to test plugs.

SYSTEM Pluggable RMTB:

In addition to being able to be mounted on DIN rails, the pluggable SYSTEM also comprises components that can be installed on surfaces or used as through-panel connectors. These components can also be used with flying leads or PCBs. Cage clamp technology has been tried and tested billions of times to ensure that it can provide trusted connections in all areas of application.


  • A large number of different versions in addition to a number of different mounting choices
  • Error prevention,
  • Safety is achieved by the use of mechanical safeguards such as strain relief plates, locking levers, as well as housings.
  • Simple testing is made possible by slots in female plugs as well as Carrier TBs designed to accommodate test plugs
  • Connectors with ratings of 500 volts and 32 amps offer a more economical option than heavy-duty connectors.

Compact RMTB:

Because of their incredibly small size, Compact Rail mounted terminal blocks in India?are an excellent choice for applications in which there is little available space. Even more, the area is saved by the terminal buildings that have two or even three levels. The tried-and-true cage clamp technique ensures that connections are solid.


  • Mounting on a rail with a DIN-15 or DIN-35 standard
  • Tap-off modules that are pluggable and modular, used for testing and making additional wire connections
  • Versions in a light grey colour
  • Terminal buildings with double or even triple levels save considerably more space.
  • Adaptable commoning is accomplished by using two jumper slots that are parallel to each other.
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