10 Types Of Joggers To Impress Women

Joggers are the new wardrobe staples irrespective of gender. Post pandemic, as you go about doing everything, including work, in your joggers, we can figure out how the aspect of impressing someone in joggers works too. This is for all the men out there having a confusing time deciding whether to give up on comfort or style – maybe you don?t have to give up either, just take a look at these 10 types of mens joggers!

1. Twill Joggers

Twill is a thick and durable material that forms lesser creases as compared to other materials. So you don?t have to worry about wrinkles forming on your joggers with this one. It also offers you a skinny fit rather than a baggy one. Light-shaded Twill Joggers with a plain black tee and a pair of loafers or sneakers are enough to put together a debonair look.

2. Denim Joggers

Denim Joggers blend the aesthetics of jeans with comfort. Most often they come with a drawstring waistband and are cuffed. This again offers you a skinny fit with the cuffed bottom part letting you flaunt your shoes. You can effortlessly create street-style attire with Denim Joggers by pairing it along with a bold graphic tee and sneakers.

3. Moto Knit Joggers

Moto Knit Joggers can be considered a premium comfort garb that comes in a very durable material. Tapered legs and cuffed ends give you a sleek slim-fit look. These joggers that are knit in a variety of colours can be perfectly paired with sweatshirts or hoodies on days you are not up for a lot of effort.

4. Chino Joggers

Chino Joggers radiate a lustrous effect once worn because of the steep twill in use. These are also mostly tapered and cuffed joggers with a drawstring waistband and hence, a slim-fit attire goes without saying. It?s said that polo shirts are the perfect pairs to Chino Joggers to create an impressive casual look.

5. Ripped Joggers

They more or less create the same noise that a pair of ripped jeans would do. They?re also famously known as ?distressed? or ?torn? joggers but these would certainly erase your distress of not looking impressive enough. Hoodies or sweatshirts can again make an appealing statement but you can also pair them like how you would pair your ripped jeans – graphic tees, chunky shoes or sneakers. Ripped Joggers are also mostly cuffed but may not always be tapered due to the shabby effect it offers. So, if you want to slightly stay away from a perfect slim-fit but still want to look suave in joggers, go for this one.

6. Tapered Joggers

By now you already know that tapered means a skinny fit. Tapered Joggers are pants that narrow down towards the bottom part of the legs while staying wide above. They?re considered a quintessential athleisure, so if you wish to impress someone the sporty way, then make this a part of your outfit! With cuffed ankles, you may prefer to go for a distinctive pair of trainers but stay away from exposed socks as this may turn off the whole turnout.

7. Cuffed Joggers

Cuffed Joggers need not necessarily give you a slim-fit get-up unless they are tapered but it is always a great choice if you want your shoes to go noticed! Typical tapered joggers may have a finer, smoother ending but if ?cuffed? is specifically mentioned, it means that it would have a more scrunched ending. Low-top trainers and jackets of any sort are great to create an alluring smart casual look with Cuffed Joggers any time.

8. Patched Joggers

With all sorts of patches, prints and designs, Patched Joggers are a little colourful and add some fun element to your entire attire. Getting a pair of coloured joggers, you can easily DIY this with the prints you like, you can even go thematically. Even though a simple tee would balance out the whole look, fashion experts suggest that pairing it with a blazer can light up a smart casual outfit. Even though a not-so-formal one, if you want to impress someone with the fun element in you, then there can?t be a better choice than this.

9. Layered Joggers

Layered Joggers are simply versatile in style. They are a fusion of, both, relaxed and skinny fit. They are unique and come with a lot of potential to be styled distinctively. Though layered joggers may come with additional zippers or strings as accessories, adding a leather jacket to your look can always elevate it. 

10. Shirred-Leg Joggers

Shirred-leg Joggers are tapered joggers again but they are different from cuffed one. In the case of shirred legs, they?re crunched from below the knees till the ends, creating an elegant appeal with all those folds and scrunches. Even though you can pair it with your casual tees or sweatshirts, getting a black shirred-leg jogger paired with a bold kurta would create a stupefying ambience around you.

Joggers are indeed a great way to impress but do you always get joggers of impressive quality? Do you get them made sustainably? Do you often find comfort in those slim-fit joggers that promise breathability?

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