How to Choose Your Helmet: These are the Types of Helmets and Their Characteristics

    types of helmets

    In addition to being mandatory, the motorcycle helmet is the best protection in the event of an accident. Just by wearing it, the chances of death are reduced by 30% and the chances of suffering a serious head injury by 40%. But there are many types of motorcycle helmets and not all protect the same way or have the same benefits.

    At present we can distinguish five basic groups of helmets: Retro helmets and calimeros, jet helmets, full helmets, modular helmets as well as off road helmets.

    Let?s discuss each of these helmet types one by one.

    Retro Motorcycle helmets and calimeros

    They are basic helmets with a very low level of protection in most cases. They do not cover the face or neck and in the event of an accident they will not protect us too much. They are the least recommended types of motorcycle helmet in terms of safety but the most comfortable to put on and take off.

    In this case, they are usually bought more for their design than for their benefits. Fortunately, these days there are models of motorcycle helmets that allow you to combine both worlds so that wearing a helmet with a classic design does not have to be less safe.

    The alternatives are the so-called calimeros or handbills that basically serve for that: remove fines but not to offer an adequate level of protection. In addition, calimeros are not even legal.

    Jet Motorcycle Helmets

    The level of protection they offer is also low, although they do protect both the nape and the ear area, although not the face, except for those that include a screen, although it does not usually withstand strong impacts.

    These types of motorcycle helmets are common in the city and for scooter riders. Among the advantages we can mention its small size and its lightness. A more urban and versatile design also plays in its favor.

    Full Motorcycle Helmets

    These are the most common because they are also the ones that offer the highest level of protection. As their name suggests, they are made up of a single piece that cannot be disassembled. They protect the entire face and chin and are best suited to the head.

    In terms of security, they are the most recommended. Of course, there are many prices and ranges, also depending on the material, as we will see later.

    Another advantage is that they are the ones that best isolate noise and air.

    Modular Motorcycle Helmets

    These helmets? level of protection is high, although it is one notch below the full-face helmet. They are helmets with a folding chin that, if necessary, can be transformed into something similar to a jet helmet. Although it is not allowed to ride with the chin open, the possibility of folding it down is very useful for stops on long trips, where it will not be necessary to remove the entire helmet.

    The great downside of these types of motorcycle helmets is that, in order to have this mechanism, they are also heavier than a full face helmet.

    In recent times, multi-modular motorcycle helmets have emerged on the market that offer more options depending on whether the modules are assembled or disassembled. In this case, security will be less and will depend, above all, on how the helmet is finished mounting.

    Off Road Motorcycle Helmets

    At this point we can include trial, enduro and motocross cases. Although in many cases their design is reminiscent of the jet helmet, only with a visor, their level of protection is higher and quite good, since they are specifically designed for the practice of sport, the safety is key.

    These types are motorcycle helmets designed for sports and offer a wide field of vision and good ventilation, but they are not especially suitable for road trips, where there are better options, starting with full-face helmets.

    As a conclusion, these days most of the motorcycle helmet types in the market are equipped with a bluetooth motorcycle helmet, which is a perfect way to listen to music, place a call, or communicate with other riders while riding a motorcycle.

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