The Art of Debugging: Troubleshooting Techniques in Website Development

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Debugging is a hectic process, but it is largely responsible for ensuring the quality of a website. It is an essential skill that every developer must master to deliver a smooth, functioning website. Thus, the art of debugging deals with identifying problems within the code of your software and fixing them. It is the most critical part of software development and one of the most complex processes that requires a lot of technical skills, such as extensive knowledge of code, databases, scripting languages, and many more. Despite its difficulty, it is the most essential part of software development that ensures the quality of websites. From our experience as a website development company in Kolkata, we are going to share some insights on the art of debugging involved in troubleshooting any website.

Why is troubleshooting important in website development?

Website development requires the collaboration of different individuals or teams for the development of projects. Each of them works within specific disciplines, and in every discipline, one common thing is encountering problems. It requires expertise, knowledge, and experience to get to the root of those problems and then provide solutions. Thus, the importance of troubleshooting in website development is inevitable. It is a mandatory skill that every developer needs to possess because encountering problems is something that you cannot get rid of in the field of website development.

Some of the common website development troubleshooting challenges

As a website development company in Kolkata, we have faced many challenges while troubleshooting. Some of these challenges are described below:

Code syntax errors

This is one of the most common types of errors that occur when your code fails to follow the rules for writing a particular programming language. For instance, it can happen due to formatting-related problems or due to how many spaces are used between words and letters, among many others.

Broken website links

It is another common type of website error that happens when your site links to an external resource that has been removed or no longer exists. It is common for websites to have lots of external links.

Slow website performance

Website performance is a critical success factor for websites, and slow performance-related issues can occur due to various factors, such as heavy content, poorly written code, unoptimized CSS, and many others. Troubleshooting websites for performance is very important because everything, from business reputation to SEO, relies heavily on website performance.

Inconsistent website layout

This deals with the navigation-related problems that might be encountered by users while navigating through a website. It occurs due to inconsistencies in the layout of the website, which often hamper the overall user experience.

Website compatibility issues

If your website is not going to be accessible or function smoothly on all devices, then, as a developer, it is important to fix the problem. Website compatibility issues will forbid users from accessing your website from their devices, which can be harmful to the reputation of your business and is also harmful to SEO.

Practices and techniques for effective website development troubleshooting

From our experience as a website development company in Kolkata, we find the following practices and techniques to be most useful in troubleshooting:

Using website development tools

The best way to ensure that your website development is on the right track is by using the right tools. By utilising these tools, developers can help manage web applications easily and streamline the process and tasks into different teams as required, overall creating more space to debug any errors. Some of the tools that can be used for the development process are:

Content Management System (CMS): These are the applications that help manage content on websites, such as text and images. They also provide various features, such as an array of templates, media management tools, SEO, and many others, which help minimise any errors or problems that might occur in the later stages of development. CMS allows developers to easily make changes in content without making changes in the code, which helps in minimising the chance of error and overall omitting hassles related to debugging.

Web Application Firewalls (WAFs): This is a security tool that offers protection from malicious attacks by monitoring incoming traffic and blocking any requests that might infect or damage the code of your website.

Content Delivery Network (CDN): These are the network servers responsible for delivering content to users. This helps to load your website as fast as possible, irrespective of the location of the users.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL): SSL is a security protocol between your website and the browsers of users that provides encryption. This reduces the risk of any third-party interference to tamper with transferred data between the website and the user’s browser.

Code documentation

Maintaining proper code documentation is very important when it comes to website development. Proper code documentation and comments help troubleshoot and debug any problems related to website development. Commenting helps in outlining the purpose of each line of code. As there are many individuals involved in a website development project, commenting makes the code easy to understand for any developer going through the code for the first time. It gives developers a better idea of complex features, and it contributes a lot to tracking and debugging any errors occurring within the code.

Using browser developer tools

Browser developer tools, commonly known as DevTools, are a collection of web developer tools that can be found in the most popular modern browsers. This kind of tool helps inspect the web page elements and allows developers to make changes from the browser without making changes to the code. It can be used to inspect HTML and CSS elements, debug JavaScript, add breakpoints, and change CSS properties from the browser only without refreshing the browser window.

Code editors

These are a kind of text editor that is used for writing and editing code. The features included in the code editors are syntax highlighting, auto-completion, code folding, error highlighting, code formatting, and many others. These features contribute to streamlining the debugging process and ensuring an optimal troubleshooting experience for developers.

Utilising version control

Version control is a very useful tool for developers, as it allows them to track changes within the code and also to revert back whenever necessary. This type of tool can enhance the debugging process, especially when different teams are handling different parts of the development process.

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