10 Tricks for Making a Small Room Look Bigger

Do you have a room that looks way smaller than it is in reality? Does it make you feel bad? Don’t worry you’re not the only person who is experiencing this feeling, almost every person feels the same way. 

We have come up with 10 simple tricks to make a small room look bigger. By utilizing a few smart decision choices, you can make your small room look bigger. Whether you live in a tiny apartment or your home is a little cramped, here are a few tricks to make it look bigger. 


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Use Contrasts and Light Colors

The first and foremost trick to make a small room look bigger is an optical illusion. Light paint colors and contrasts make a small room look bigger and brighter to the eyes. The bright and light walls are more reflective than dark colors which assist in maximizing the light’s effect. 

In simple words, light colors make the room bigger, and dark colors make the room smaller. Obviously, in reality, the colors of the walls don’t matter but as we said it is an optical illusion that many people don’t realize. 

Mirror Magic

Now, putting a big mirror in your small room would not free space, it will do the opposite, take more space. However, mirrors work very well to reflect the light and make your small room feel open; thus making it look bigger. The ideal position for the mirror is in front of the window.  

Refine Your Furniture

Remove all the heavy-looking furniture which will absorb the light from your small room. To make your room look bigger, remove all the big items from your room. 

The more you let the light pass, the bigger your room will look visually. Heavy furniture items only cover up space that can be saved. 

A Focal Point

Another trick to make your small room look bigger is to establish a focal point in the room-an area or thing which will draw everyone’s attention. Arrange that furniture in a place where everyone can see it easily. 

Arrange Furniture

Furniture takes up almost all of the room’s space, so you should choose the right furniture. You can use multi-functional furniture, for example, a sofa bed. Folding tables and expandable tables make your small room look bigger. 

Try to avoid putting heavy furniture in the small room, it would only take up the precious space of the room. 

Use Few Decorative Items

If you’re using a lot of smaller decorative items in the room it will surely make the room tight and smaller. Arrange big decorative items in the triangle rule. However, it’s not necessary to put a decorative item, you can leave the space for room to breathe. 

No Heavy Curtains

Use light curtains that can lift so that more natural light can pass the room. Heavy or dark curtains make the room smaller by stopping the light to pass the room. 

Maintain Things in Proportion

One of the best tricks to make your small room look bigger is to keep the furniture of your room to fit the size of the space. Putting a big sofa which is taking the space of the entire room is not worth it. 

At the same time, don’t put on a long coffee table that you keep getting hit every time you walk in the room. Always look for the sofas and chairs that are comprised of narrow arms. It’s best to choose the furniture of your room according to the space of the room because big size items will make your room look smaller. 

Floating Shelves

Creating floating shelves gives you extra storage to place different furniture items. You can mount floating shelves to free up the floor space of the room. Before drilling holes in the wall, make sure to check what’s behind the wall. You might cut wires behind the walls while drilling, so make sure to check everything otherwise, you will create more mess. 

Use Light Drapes

 It is important to use light drapes on your windows to make your room look bigger. These drapes will let more light reflect through the room. You can use pale shades and a subtle design for your windows.

Last Words

Although there are plenty more tricks to make a small room look bigger, the above ones are those which WORK in practical life. 


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