6 Trendiest Technical SEO Practices To Follow In 2023

technical seo practices

If you want your website to rank on top of the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), your SEO practices should align with the trendiest ones. As the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry constantly evolves, staying aware of the latest updates is vital. Even the experts in this field spend long hours learning the ropes regularly. 

So, if you want your website to stand out among the competitors, catch on to the technical SEO basics and best practices of 2023. Thus, this blog is the best place to cover a lot of ground related to it. So, take a deeper dive into this post and implement that gained knowledge onto your work to attract a massive audience. 

6 Basic Yet Best Technical SEO Practices In 2023

1. Optimize Your Site To Appear Frequently On Google Discover

Google Discoveries is fed on the homepage of mobile phone users. It monitors the users’ search activities to analyze and discover their interests. Later, it uses that gathered data to present more relevant suggestions to the audience. So, if you optimize your website according to Google Discover, you will attract thousands of visitors. Here are a couple of strategies for optimization in this case. 

  • Ensure the quality of the content you post is top-notch
  • Use appealing visuals in between the written material, as Google Search Central suggests
  • Videos are acting as the algorithm game changer in 2023, so you must include high-quality ones in your posts
  • Mobile-friendliness is becoming a prominent component for high ranking, so take it seriously. Optimize your webpage for the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), a web component to create a user-first experience

2. Improve The Quality Of Your Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are a weighty matter in the technical SEO practices in 2023, so you shouldn’t neglect them. If your website ranks at the top of SERPs, you will get an opportunity to showcase your inner content. It is where the quality of your featured snippets captivates the maximum number of visitors. Consider the following strategies to optimize this component:

  • Conduct exceptional keyword research and use the target words 
  • Pay attention to the question-type top search queries
  • Experts of a leading SEO services company suggest dedicating about 40 to 50-word count for ideal featured snippets
  • Go for an inverted pyramid structure as a format for the content

3. Optimize Your Core Web Vitals

The core web is vital for gauging and maintaining the quality of User Experience (UX). It further opens up into three components. 


LCP stands for the Largest Contentful Paint and measures the speed of a website. It refers to the time a website takes to load its content, which is essential for UX. Generally, heavy images, illustrations, and complicated themes increase the loading duration. So, use relevant software to compress such rich photos to boost the speed. 


FID is a complete form of the First Input Display. A site takes time for input elements like scroll and call-to-action options to appear. If FID increases, the visitors will leave the site instantly, and the audience retention rate will drastically decrease. Hence, you should contact professional web developers to reduce unused CSS and solve this issue. 


CLS is the Cumulative Layout Shift abbreviation and refers to the fluctuation of the webpage elements. It can also bring various challenges in the UX, so you should solve it if your site is experiencing a high CLS rate. However, some site owners use CLS to trick their users into responding to call-to-actions. 

4. Set High Standard Of Content Quality 

Keep the users’ intent as a northern star of your content and satisfy their search thirst if you want to rank high. Optimizing your keywords, content, images, and backlinks according to how your audience desire will help you go a long way. The key is to make your site captivating, informative, commercial, and user-friendly. Consider the following tips to maintain a high standard of your content:

  • Select the topics for your posts that are highly relatable to your target audience. Pick one of the issues that pop up the most in search queries and offer its solution in the best manner.
  • Craft a catchy title to hook your prospects instantly 
  • People love reading engaging stories, therefore take a storytelling approach in your blogs
  • Blocks of words are not attractive for reading purposes. Thus, break your posts into neat and comprehensible headings plus paragraphs to uplift readability.

5. Use Long Tail Keyword Phrases

It is undeniably true that short-tail keywords work effectively, but long-tail ones also hold immense significance. Lengthy keywords containing three to five words uplift the domain ranking on the Google platform. So, you must include its usage in your bucket list of technical SEO best practices in 2023. If applying all these techniques to your website feels like an uphill struggle, outsource to top technical SEO services in London. England is the hub of leading SEO experts that will efficiently make your domain stand out among competitors. 

6. Practice Catchy Meta Titles And Informative Descriptions

Meta titles and descriptions are there for a reason. If you leverage them correctly, they will offer you great benefits. Thus, use them to describe your webpage’s intent to your prospects clearly. Ensure the titles are short, sweet, and catchy enough to persuade viewers to click on them. 

Keep this in mind – your various competitors have posted on the same title as you have. So, to rank your blog at the top of SERPs, you must convince the viewers to click on your site by all means. Only then can you notice a visible change in your website traffic. 


This wraps the six technical SEP basics and best practices, friends! Search engine optimization is essential to rank your website at the top of SERPs. We hope you have grasped the valuable strategies described in this post. Practising them will help you attract massive traffic to your website. You can also seek professional help from SEO assistance providers to obtain fruitful outcomes quickly.