TOP 7 FAST&EASY Travel Snacks Your Kids Will Enjoy

    travel snacks for kid

    Most of kids like eating. No, they don?t want to eat their dinner after school when they come back home. But they always feel hungry in the car, when you are taking a long road trip. It?s not about in-car snacks only. Are you going to Pittsburgh? That?s cool! You have a chance to visit Pittsburgh Zoo and Children’s Museum. There always must be something to feed your kids during the trip just in the street when they suddenly feel hungry. Do they enjoy their healthy snacks you usually make for them? Not really. That?s why it is important to find some interesting food ideas and pack some healthy foods with you.


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    1. Don?t forget drinks

    Never forget to pack bottles of water. It must be at least 2-3 bottles for every child. If you have only one bottle, you shouldn?t forget to refill it at every pit stop. Otherwise, you have to stop the car at the bar or restaurant, supermarket to buy a new bottle or two. By the way, clean water is enough for a trip. You don?t need to pack bubbled water even if it is fun to drink. What is more, you can make smoothies of different flavors or juice pouches.

    2. Pack fruits and vegetables

    Fruits and vegetables are the best snacks on the go. They are comfortable to keep in a box and eat even in the car or outside. You should wash and cut fruits and veggies at home, cool them, and pack to the lunch bags. Of course, fresh products are healthy and tasty to eat even without adding sugar or spices. So, ask what your kids like the most. You should take mix of berries, slices of apples, kiwi, peppers, and carrots. They will be excited with their tasty and colorful lunch.

    3. Pack some whole grain snacks

    Speaking about grain snacks, you should think of making popcorn. This is a perfect snack for kids. You can make it sweet or salty, add some caramel, honey. If you are a creative person, you can add something else what you kids like the most to have with air-crunchy bubbles. What are you going to do if your kids don?t like popcorn? You should think of making or buying special whole-grain cookies, bars, muffins. 

    4. Pack dried fruits and vegetables

    You can pack fresh or dried fruits. Dried fruits and vegetables are even easier to pack and eat in the car. This can be a great snack. You don?t need to cool it before the trip and eat fresh. What fruits do you prefer? Don?t forget that you can make not only dried apples, cherries, and berries. How about sweet potato chips, dried tomatoes and beets? There are so many ideas of making a good and healthy snack of dried fruits, raisins, nuts. Mix everything you like.

    5. Pack homemade treats

    Fruits are often not enough to satisfy your kids? hunger. They may want something sweet and tasty what they used to eat at home. It helps you to keep them busy for some time and give them food that they really like. What homemade treats do you often cook at home? They must be with minimum sugar, with adding different fruits, nuts, chocolate drops, and seeds. If you are not a good cook, you can buy these treats in the supermarket. Read the wraps carefully. You want to buy healthy snacks, do you? More treat ideas for you: chocolate or fruit cookies, crackers, mini muffins.

    6. Pack a bit more than you planned

    Everyone knows that overpacking is bad. Even if you travel by rental car and have much space for your luggage, you don?t need to overpack. Speaking about snacks, you should take a bit more than you planned because you will never know when and how often your kids will ask for bites. It is not a big problem to make some energy balls or mix more nuts and berries for good measure.

    7. Pack an emergency travel food kit

    All car travelers should know they have to create a kind of an emergency kit. It can be a secret bag or package with everything that can help you to feed your kids when you don?t have any other food in the car. Pack some water, fresh fruits, carrots, a package with nuts and seeds, and some homemade pastries.

    Of course, the food you usually take and pick for your kids must be healthy. Planning your trip, try to pick a good restaurant or two on your way to stop the car and have a proper meal. Also, you can have dinner in the hotel restaurant. As a rule, you can eat in the hotel for free. So, don?t overdo. Pack some healthy snacks to help your kids to survive and hold out until the restaurant.


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