Why Hotels Should Transition to Cloud-based PMS?

cloud based pms


In a hotel, customers are checking in and out, employees are handling bookings, and everything is working according to plan. 

However, do you remember what system is designed to keep everything in perfect order ‚Äď it is a Cloud-based Property Management System (PMS).  

Nowadays, where efficiency and flexibility take priority, hotels rely on Cloud PMS software.  

But why? Today, we will discuss how Cloud PMS is rewriting hotel rules. 

But first, let’s take an idea about Cloud PMS software and its benefits. 

What is Cloud PMS Hotel Software? 

Cloud PMS is hotel smarting but it’s on the internet rather than on a physical computer in the hotel. Instead, hotels will not be buying lots of expensive equipment or taking time to set it up.  

The Cloud PMS hotel software is user-friendly and can be operated from anywhere with the Internet. It assists hotels in managing things like checking the rooms and housekeeping, this is one of the reasons why management becomes easier and more flexible. 

Top 10 Benefits of Moving Your Hotel to the Cloud PMS: 

Reduced Costs:  

Save money from an initial investment since you don’t have to pay for hardware as well as IT support and software license costs. 

Improved Scalability:  

With this system, it is always possible to adapt your hotel as it expands by incorporating/removing features. 

Enhanced Remote Access:  

Monitor and run your business from anywhere you have internet access, making it more comfortable and effective on your side. 

Automatic Software Updates:  

Your system will be self-updated; therefore, installation of the updates manually will not be a concern to you. 

Increased Security:   

In general, Cloud systems are often provided with high-security configurations to safeguard the guest data. 

Streamlined Operations:  

Automating tasks will be time efficient and keep the hotel running well. 

Better Guest Experience:  

Provide your guests with a service like mobile check-in and online reservations, therefore making things easier for them. 

Data-Driven Decision Making:   

Use live data to help you make better business decisions. 

Improved Integration:  

Link to other apps that would help to simplify your workflow. 

Easier Management of Multiple Properties:  

Please remember that if you have more than one hotel, you can use the same dashboard to control and manage. Thus, things become more convenient. 

According to data report has indicated, 62 percent of hoteliers think that implementing Cloud PMS enlarges the capacity of their companies to be scalable so that they can react to any changes in the markets. 

Now let’s consider factors while choosing your ideal Cloud PMS for hotels. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cloud PMS: 

Features and Functionality:  

Ensure the PMS is equipped with everything you need: booking management, tracking of housekeeping tasks, billing, and making reports. 


Choose a management system that can scale as you expand your hotel business; whether you’re adding more rooms or adapting to seasonal fluctuations of guests. 


Always go for PMS that offers you tight security and preventive measures in client handling and smooth operations. 

Ease of Use:  

Choose a system that has a user-oriented interface and that should be user-friendly for your staff members without additional training. 

Integration Capabilities:  

Make sure that your PMS can match with other software efficiency such as accounting programs or booking software. 

Customer Support:  

Watch out whether the PMS agency gives timely response to such problems if encountered. 


For properties, search around for the best rate according to the property’s needs and budget. 

Reputation and Reviews:  

You may explore PMS provider‚Äôs reputation by performing web searches, and reading through some case studies of similar hotels that chose to leverage the system to boost their operations. 

Mobile Accessibility:  

It is important to make the PMS mobile-friendly, wherein the staff can accomplish tasks or get data from any location where they are. 

Here we cover the factors but most of you wondered the challenges came up with Cloud PMS and how to resolve it. 

Don’t worry! we got you covered, list down the challenges and solutions when integrating Cloud PMS Software. 

Challenges and Solutions in Adopting Cloud PMS: 

Security Concerns: 

  • Challenge: Worry about data security when Cloud PMS is adopted. 
  • Solution: Select a reputable platform that has real-time security tools and that also follows privacy rules. 

Internet Dependence: 

  • Challenge: Internet links must be strong enough to access Cloud PMS. 
  • Solution: Make sure your internet connection is good and prepare a backup plan in case the internet goes off. 

Data Migration: 

  • Challenge: Without loss of the old data, the update of the new Cloud PMS can be done without errors. 
  • Solution: Look for a provider who will walk you through all the steps from start to finish. 

Change Management: 

  • Challenge: Train the employees to operate the new system. 
  • Solution: Train and assist staff thoroughly so that they can successfully use the new system. 

Integration Challenges: 

  • Challenge: Ensuring the interoperability of the Cloud PMS with other existing systems should be. 
  • Solution: Choose a Cloud PMS that interfaces with other systems and is quick to connect or ask their assistants to help in the process. 

Vendor Lock-In: 

  • Challenge: Stuck with the same provider and had no choice but to change. 
  • Solution: Provide a service allowing you to leave as and when which allows you to take your data with you. 

Hidden Costs: 

  • Challenge: Forgetting to calculate the financial cost of switching to the Cloud. 
  • Solution: Make sure to check the price and do not forget to account for other costs like data transfers and supplementary features. 

After Challenges and its solution. Here comes the implementation of software. 

Steps to Successfully Implement Cloud PMS in Hotels: 

Figure Out What You Need:  

First, determine the issues that you are dealing with and what functions you would like in your new PM system. 

Check Out Different Options:  

 Research the cloud PMS providers and learn what they offer, how much they charge, and how good their customer support is. 

Plan How to Move Your Data:  

Create a strategy for shifting all the hotel data, such as bookings and guest information, from the existing hotel PMS to the cloud PMS. 

Teach Your Team:  

Train the staff on using the new cloud PMS so that they can use Smoothly and get the most out of it. 

Test Everything:  

Before switching over completely, make sure to test each part of the new system to identify any problems or errors. 

Keep Getting Help:  

Arrange with your CMS provider for regular support and an upgrade schedule to maintain the efficiency of the system. Also Learn why a hotel needs to have a cloud-based property management system over other options for operatorial ease and efficiency.   

Future Trends and Innovations in Cloud PMS Technology 

The future of cloud-based property management solutions (PMS) and innovation will be a focus area. 

This is true as cloud-based PMS systems are very adaptive in adopting new innovative technologies relevant to the hospitality sector. undefined 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML):  

AI works in favor of providing personalized services and performing routine tasks like scheduling and cleaning. ML assists hotels in price point determination, tracking revenue overall, and managing resources at their best efficiency. 

Integration with the Internet of Things:  

Now imagine you step into your room in the hotel, no need to lie back on the sheets to adjust the temperature, the lights turn on automatically and the entertainment is tuned based on your preferences.  

A PMS built by IoT devices could be used that allow the guests to stay more comfortable. 

Voice-Controlled Systems:  

Nowadays, voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant can be found even in kitchens.  

Guests in this case will just have to say what their voice assistant should do like regulating the room temperature or getting their ordered food. 

Biometric Authentication:  

Guest devices after a face or fingerprint scanning could be used to check in, which is more secure and easy to use. 

Focus on Guest Engagement:  

 Hotel Cloud PMS will act as a single source to share all the vital information of their guests.  

They can implement a differentiated approach e.g. offer a discount to first-time customers and gain loyalty bonuses based on what guests want and what they have liked before. 

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Practices:  

By using cloud-based PMS, hotels may develop in the direction of being greener due to its capability.  

They will be monitoring and recording energy consumption, they can work with smart gadgets like thermostats and lights, and even can suggest guests consider going green. 


The platform of PMS itself has been moving from software to an intelligent helper of hotels. The humanization of these trends and beliefs by hotels can make their guests happier and more content and become leaders in the competitive market. The Cloud PMS in the future is the utopia for all guests and hotel owners because it unlocks vast and amazing opportunities that will be very good for all those who decide to be part of it.