Top 10 Singers Hairstyles

Singers Hairstyles

We all have been in love with different styles, personas and portrayal of personalities that our favorite celebrities have been slaying in. What makes you adore a celebrity? For some, it may be their choice of apparels, the accessories or gadgets that they hold or their hairstyle. To talk about the hairstyles of your adored celebrities, it is surely one of the major characteristics of an artist?s personality that attracts you at the first glance! If you have been inspired by any of the singers because of their classic hairstyle, then this is the article that you must give a read. We are here with top 10 singers? hairstyles that will make you fall in love with these singers. Give the following a look, and adapt the hairstyle that astounds you the most:

1.    Ariana Grande?s Ponytail

The American singer who is known for some classic music singles, including 7 Rings, Don?t call me angel, Santa Tell me, Bang Bang and many more ? is someone who has been adored by the fans with a lot of love. As a fan of Ariana Grande, you would?ve surely fall in love with the sexy ponytail that has been her iconic hairstyle. May the singers hairstyle, of a gorgeous ponytail, live forever!

2.    Lady Gaga?s Hair Bow

Lady Gaga, the American singer, who?s real name is Stefani Joanna Angelina Germanotta, is known for the amazing electro pop work, including, Poker Face, Telephone, Just Dance, Bad Romance and many more. She has been an inspiring singer for the fans out there. The hair bow that has been her recent choice of hairstyle, has won over the hearts of her fans. You would love to watch the tutorial and adapt this gorgeous singers hairstyle.

3.    Nikki Minaj?s Tie-Dyed Hair

Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty, known as Nikki Minaj, is a Trinidad and Tobago born rapper, singer and actress who has won over the hearts of her fans with his classic music. Beat Me Up Scotty, Sucka Free, Pink Friday and many others are what she is known for. Her recent rainbow dyed hairstyle has been all what the fans can talk about.

4.    Justin Bieber?s Swoop

How can we miss the gorgeous and flaunting Justin Bieber?s swoop, that has been all over the minds of his fans till today? Justin Bieber, the Canadian singer and songwriter, has been the youngest musician in the industry. He is known for his classic such as Baby, Believe, Sorry and many others. His swoop hairstyle with a hair flip is a must to adapt. Get your hands on the classic Justin Bieber Jackets, along with his gorgeous hairstyle and get ready to imitate the charming personality that he holds.

5.    Willow Smith?s Hair Whip

Willow Smith, is an American singer, songwriter and actress, who is known for her appearance in I Am Legend. She has been producing astounding music, such as, Whip My Hair, Ardipithecus and many more. We have seen Willow Smith making an iconic song that is based on her iconic hairstyle.

6.    Ed Sheeran?s Bad Hair Day

Ed Sheeran, an English singer and songwriter, has been the favorite singer for this generation. He is known for his classic music, such as, Thinking Out Loud, Shape of You, Perfect and many others. The hairstyle that he has been spotted in, is labelled as a Big Hair Day. No matter his iconic hairstyles, we still adore him.

7.    Britney Spears’ 90’s Pigtails

Britney Spears, an American singer, dancer and songwriter, is known for her tremendous collection of music which comprises of Baby One More Time, In the Zone, Crossroads and many more. She is labelled as the Princess of Pop. Her iconic hairstyle of 90s pigtails are what made her carry a gorgeous look. This hairstyle has been iconic, because it was her classy hairstyle before she went bald.

8.    Justin Timberlake’s Bleach Blonde Ramen Noodle Hair

Justin Timberlake, JT, is an American singer, actor, songwriter and dancer who has been adored by his fans. We know him from the classic that he has given to his audience, such as, Rock Your Body, Cry Me A River, Justified and many more. His noodle hairstyle in blonde has been the classic hairstyle that tha audience praised him from.

9.    Beyonc?s Golden Crown

Beyonc?, the Queen of Music, is an American singer, songwriter and actress, is known for the astounding artistic music that she has gifted to her audience, such as Crazy in Love, Baby Boy, Dangerously in Love, If I were a Boy and many others. If you doubt on her title of a Queen, check out this mesmerizing golden crown.

10.  Miley Cyrus’s Blonde Wig

Miley Cyrus, as Hannah Montana has been the most adored celebrity that we used to love as kids. The American singer, actress and songwriter is known for her major role of Hannah Montana. The blonde wig that she used to disguise her actual personality, is surely something that has inspired us. How many of you have been singing, ?You get the best of both worlds?, with a mic in your hand and jumping high with enthusiasm and passion? She is surely an adorable transformation.


We believe that the above-mentioned list of top 10 singers? hairstyles has been quite informative to you. You can now adapt the singer?s hairstyle that has been inspiring you to your inner core.

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