List Of Top 8 Single Girder EOT Crane For Industrial Use

Single girder EOT cranes are the most reliable, used mainly in warehouses, material handling industries, and light-duty lifting. Manufacturing and material handling industries significantly benefit from the single girder EOT crane as it involves the movement of heavy items. Large shipments of delicate or heavy materials require constant movement without damaging the product. The single girder EOT crane has a capacity of up to 10ton and a duty class of up to Class I – Class V. The Single girder EOT crane manufacturers in India produce high-quality industrial equipment to life objects through a hoist.?

The single girder EOT crane has various other names: single girder overhead crane, electric crane, single beam EOT crane, single beam top running crane, single beam electric crane, and single beam, electrically operated crane, and monorail crane. The crane is floor operated with an optional remote or cabin operated if needed. 

A radio remote control is used to operate the single girder EOT crane, which keeps the operator safe by using the independent traveling push button pendants. Single girder EOT Crane suppliers also produce standard cranes suitable for all industrial needs. 

Below we explained in detail the various kinds of Single Girder EOT Crane and their uses:

  • Single-Girder Top Running Crane: The single-girder top running crane is one of the best industrial lifting equipment. The advantage of the running crane is that it has low dead weight, and they use less headroom. The cost of production of the single girder top running crane is relatively lower, making them easy to purchase. These single girder top running cranes have plate box beams designed for various lifting needs. The lower headroom monorail hoist gives you extra headroom for easy installations. 
  • Single Girder Overhead Crane: The single girder overhead crane is the answer to all your heavy lifting and moving needs. This overhead crane – as the name suggests – is perfect for moving various loads across an overhead space. Ganesh Crane?s single girder overhead crane works perfectly for horizontal movements as it has a heavier lighting capacity. The single girder overhead crane is beneficial in warehouses for transportation, assembly, storage, and staging. A lifting device placed on the trolly that helps in the horizontal movement is known as the Hoist. 
  • Single Beam Crane: The single beam crane provides you with a larger floor coverage area. It helps in reducing or expanding specific space requirements. The single beam crane is low maintenance, safe, and easy to use. The single beam crane is adjustable according to your industrial moving needs. It is also cost-effective since the single beam crane comes with a classic hoist or low headroom standard hoists. You can also customize a single beam crane with high-quality materials, easy installations, and accurate dimensions. 
  • Single Beam Electric Crane: The single girder EOT crane manufacturers in India produce high-quality flexible cranes suitable for various industrial settings. The single beam electric crane comes with high-quality raw materials and advanced technology. It also has a 1ton – 10ton cap and spans over 5mtrs – 50mtrs and options like cabin operation or optional remote. The single beam electric crane is user-friendly and cost-effective. 
  • Single Beam Overhead Crane: Also known as the single girder overhead crane, it is one of the most efficient cranes in the market. The crane lifts 550 tons of load in various industrial settings. The single beam overhead crane has an efficient design and is easy to install. The overhead crane benefits are multiple hoist operations, cost-effective, high performance, wire rope, and chain hoist applications. The various industries where the single beam overhead crane is applicable are – docks, warehouses, mining, oil & gas, automobile, steel, and manufacturing. 
  • Single Beam Top Running Crane: The single beam top running crane is perfect for lifting light to medium loads. Designed by Ganesh Engineering Co?s experts with high-quality raw materials, the single beam top running crane is suitable for various industrial needs. The crane lifts light to medium loads that help fulfill all your moving needs. You can also combine the top-running double girder cranes for lifting heavy loads. The single-beam top running crane comes with high-quality raw materials as per the industry standard. 
  • Single Girder Crane: The single girder crane comes with the best ??Wire Rope Hoist Suppliers in India. The crane comes with a remote control that helps avoid accidents, emergency brakes, thermal and overload protection. Other features of the single girder crane include two different end trucks, a trolley hoist along the bottom flange between the end trucks, and a single bridge girder. The single girder crane also features a ball and socket connection for more effortless unparallel movements. The direct transfer of the hoist trolley is made effortless with the help of the single girder crane. 
  • Single Girder Electric Cranes: The single girder electric crane uses a hoist, rope, anchor, bridge, and a trolley for effortless vertical movements. The three types of single girder electric cranes are – LDP type single girder crane, LD type single girder electric crane, and HD type single girder EOT crane. The single girder electric crane is one of the most common cranes used for various industrial purposes. The tasks conducted by the single girder electric crane are simple yet efficient. It is also easy to install and is low maintenance. 

Benefits of Single Girder EOT Crane

The single girder EOT cranes are cost-effective and meant for rugged use. It ensures minimum deadweight keeping the load on the crane runway low. The advanced technology used to design these cranes allow them to function in challenging conditions. Various industries benefit from the variety of these cranes and their features.


Identify your industrial needs when purchasing a single girder EOT crane. Knowing the amount and weight of loads that need movement daily can help you determine which single girder EOT crane is best suited for your needs. 

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