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    Hello and welcome everyone. This article will tell the top places for dental tourism in Asia. No matter who are you? A tourist or a tourist guide, you must know what the top spots in Asia that attracts a lot of tourists for dental tourism are.

    “A beautiful smile is the simplest way to look good” With the ever-increasing world of selfies, the demand and emphasis on a beautiful smile had never been like before. Good health is the primary requirement for a healthy body and is directly related to many systemic diseases and conditions. So the demand for excellent and affordable dental centres is on the rise.

    The right way of dental treatment involves meticulous treatment planning and swift execution involving various specialists from the field. Dental treatments in Europe and America are known for their expense.

    With the increase in demand, limited availability of state-run dental facilities, the delay in getting appointments, need for repeated visits, unavailability of treatment- proper in times of emergency, Exclusion of many procedures under dental insurance and high cost are few reasons that more and more people are looking for the dental solutions in Asian countries and the hence the ever-increasing market of Dental Tourism.

    Dental Implants and esthetic rehabilitation are the most commonly sought dental treatments in Dental Tourism. Dental tourism also provides the opportunity to explore new places while addressing an essential requirement of their health.

    Generally, most of the local dental clinics tend to schedule multiple appointments. A general dentist does the treatment with under the specialists. In contrast, centers known for Dental tourism involve a team approach. They involve swift planning and fewer longer appointments engaging a simultaneous multi-disciplinary specialist to complete the treatment in a limited time frame with higher efficacy. This particular has been a significant difference in the treatment approach between routine dentistry and dental tourism and the reason for preference.

    List of Top places for Dental Tourism in Asia:








    Cambodia,  and


    These are the most commonly sought-after destination for Dental Treatment. By being the leading country for International Tourism in Asia, Thailand gets the largest share of Dental tourists.

    Philippines, with the Best English-speaking population of all the Asian country and Westernized influence, appears to be the second preferred destination and also the most preferred destination by Australians and Kiwis.

    Vietnam with an excellent education system and focus on developing hospitals with international accreditation guidelines for medical and dental treatment combined with depreciating value of their currency Dong has emerged as perhaps the best “value” destination in the world at this time.

    Malaysia: Following the trend of emphasis on increasing general international tourism, has been able to sign a major share by combining a holiday with affordable dental care. This multicultural nation offers state-of-the-art dental surgeries and well-qualified, English speaking dentists to cater to all of the dental needs, cosmetic or otherwise.

    Indonesia, particularly Bali, represents value, quality, and convenience for dental services. From implants to root canals, the providers and clinics are ready and accessible with well-trained professional staff and affordable services.

    Russia is becoming a popular destination for those seeking specialist medical attention or medical spas, particularly for Germans, at a fraction of the cost of many Western hospitals or medical spas. Russia offers competitive competence and quality to patients, in addition to luxurious and therapeutic accommodations.

    For those who are traveling to Russia, or medical treatment or procedures, many facilities have the same quality, integrity, and credentials as Western doctors and hospitals, often offering services for 40-80% less.

    Israel: Dental tourism industry in Israel started flourishing after 2012. The tourists industry is excellent for Israel if costs don’t begin to rise for treatments. Treatment in Israel remains far cheaper than in many parts of Western Europe, Canada, and the United States. Prices in Israel are often 50% (or more) less expensive than in Canada and the United States. Israel’s dentists have adapted their practices to offer language options in English, French and Russian, among many other languages.

    India: With great diversity in culture and topography is a treat to the visiting tourist. The stress on quality and the latest dental facilities has emerged as a hotspot for dental tourism in Asia. India offers dental treatments of the highest standards, with leading technology and modern facilities.

    Because of its high standards and cost-effective prices, India is an attractive dental tourism destination. The cost difference is so much that patients pay less than they would in Europe, even when they include airfare and dentist expenses. As a comparison, the cost of individual dental treatment in India is almost one-tenth of what it would cost in Thailand.

    Rajasthan, Goa, Gujrat, Kerala, and Pondicherry are the most preferred destinations in India. And with improvement and advancement with the latest technology, India offers to be the greatest attraction. Tourists themselves often describe, “if Asia is a food, then India is the spice.” Dental tourism makes high-end dental treatment, A reality for many who would otherwise have never thought it possible while exploring various new places.

    In Past few years, Best Dental clinic in Chennai has also started focusing on International patients. For that they are running paid campaign in targeted countries to spread the awareness about their city. The one and only one reason will be to attract the international patients are your city must have some historical places. And Chennai and Puducherry(Pondicherry) have many places to visit their city.

    Thailand is a Top place for Dental Tourism in Asia, the Asian country with the largest share of Dental Tourism at present. With such an attractive cost difference, the country is home to many international dental clinics, most of which have served tourists from the US, the UK and other European countries for more than 20 years.

    However, the only catch is when multiple visits to the dentist are required. Implants, which require a lengthy healing period, require a patient to go back to the dentist two or three times before the work is completed.

    The visits must be months apart, so patients need to consider travel and lodging costs when opting for procedures that require an extensive period between each visit.

    Dental implants also carry a specific risk of failure if not accepted well by the host body. So, it is advisable for the patients to ready to be prepared for any such challenges.

    Another most important factor is to select a quality and standard dental clinic. Destination catering Dental Tourism has many substandard dental clinics trying to lure patients by offering cheap treatment costs. Hence, the patients should research the dental clinic’s credentials and success rate before starting the treatment.

    Seeking multiple opinions can also be an option. It is also imperative to have a good relationship with the local dentist. If any further follow-up is kept and keep the local dentist well informed about procedures planned, and abide by any caution they mention.

    Although there are few small challenges and risks involved in such dental tourism, benefit and the success outnumbers the risks involved and emerge as a Leading Sector across various countries pan-Asia.

    The above content has been written by Dr Sumita Bakshi, who is practising as General Dentist and Implant Specialist in Pondicherry with experience in catering Dental Tourism for nearly ten years from across the globe and is very passionate about promoting Dental Tourism and making dentally affordable to all.

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