Top common myths related to houseplants debunked

    houseplants debunked

    ?It is said? & ?it is believed? whenever you hear these two lines, just know that you are about to hear a myth that has no source of origin, and it was passed from one person to another. You know whatever it is we are talking about under this sun; myths related to it usually find their way. I don?t think that there is anything in this world that is free from myths. People have knitted myths to everything, and you can search for anything to find at least one (if not more) myths about it. Today we are talking about plants and the myths that follow them. 

    See, there are certain things that you hear from your friends and family, or you look up on the internet. Things like tips and tricks on the correct ways to water them, what you should feed them, and the right way to take proper care of them. Though some of them might be right, some of them may be just a piece of information that is rotating between people without having an actual source. These tips may have proved to be beneficial for some of them and might not work for you. Since there are no facts or logic involved with them, it may work opposite for you and end up affecting your plants, which you would want, right? Without you even knowing, you might be falling for myths because there are lots of misinformations about plants that are most commonly shared, and people, without even researching well about it, start to believe it all. 

    There are lots of myths that one comes to hear, today I am here to burst some of the most common ones. Whenever you order plants online, you will know the things that are must do and that are just myths. 

    Plants grow bigger in bigger pots

    Okay, let?s begin the lit with one of the most spread and believed myth, and that is ?plants grow bigger in bigger pots.? You and I would have also fallen for this particular myth at some point of time in life. But as I came to now, I would like to tell you that truth. The fact is, indoor and outdoor plants that grow in pots will do well in pots that are proportionate with the size of the plants and the roots. You must balance the size of the plant and the pot it is planted in. If you plant a bigger sized one in a smaller pot, its root won?t get enough space to spread out, and this will restrict the growth of plants. If you plant a smaller one in a bigger pot, there will be extra soil in the pot, and when you water the plant, the soil will remain moist for a longer time. This will lead to the rotting of the roots. 

    You need a green thumb to keep plants alive

    Well, it is often said that if you don?t have a green thumb, you can never keep your plants alive. This is a total myth, and you should clear your facts. For gardening and to keep your plants alive, you don?t need any green thumb; all you need is basic plant care information and a few tips and tricks. A basic plant care guide can give you all the info you need to take care of your plants like when and how to water them, where to place them, and how to re-pot the plant. Now you can buy indoor plants online without worrying about your green thumb. 

    Indoor plants need a lot of sunlight

    It is a common myth that plants kept indoors need a lot of sunlight to thrive. But not all plants need too much sunlight to grow well; some might need lots of sunlight while the other may prefer lesser sunlight. If you place them in direct sunlight, they may get sunburn and turn yellow and ultimately die. So the same concept does not work for all the indoor plants.?

    These are the common houseplants myths debunked. If your plants tend to die easily, then don?t fall prey to the myth that you lack the quality. Look carefully; you might be doing something wrong. 

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