Top 10 Highly Paid Jobs In Ireland

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A vigorous multicultural country of colourful traditions with rough hills and mountains, Ireland is a fascinating destination for enthusiastic professionals and a huge industry. 

As the second twinkle-toed economy of Europe, Ireland possesses a profitable job market over the industries. With the formation of industries, this country provides a miscellaneous selection of highly paid jobs for students that match different sets of skills and credentials. Ireland can be a brilliant option if you are considering your next career step to switch abroad. 

Figure out the most lucrative professions; here are Ireland’s top 10 highest-paying jobs. 

Top 10 Profitable Jobs In Ireland 

Academic Writing

Most students go to Ireland for higher studies, it is impossible for them to manage a full-time job, so students should have part-time jobs to tolerate their educational expenses and manage their studies. 

Academic writing is one of the most highly-paid jobs and the most desirable skill in Ireland. A tutor works with university and college students to help them in writing essays and assignments to achieve better grades. 

They offer a top-notch quality service of assignments help Ireland to lessen the academic burden for students. That’s why it is the most demanding profession that fulfils international students’ requirements. 

How to become: A professional writer must know all the aspects of descriptive and analytical writing styles of the academic writing process. 

What they earn: €47,522

Senior IT Project Manager

What they do:  As the senior supervisor, they have to review and set team targets and assign tasks to the team. They also work with junior IT managers to assist them with the nature of the job. On the other side, senior project managers take charge of technical functions and bring new changes in technology. 

How to become: IT Project managers must hold a bachelor’s degree in project management or computer science domain. If you want to get a senior position in project management, you must spend several years in this field to gain enough experience. 

What they earn: € 96,000

Solution Architect

Solution architects help companies to light on their objectives by implementing an effective process. This process can require a painstaking risk in assessment, brainstorming and prediction to meet a business’s assumptions.  

How to become: A computer science degree and virtuous technical skills to hold this cost-effective position.

What they earn:  € 97,000

Software Development Managers

What they do: Software developers are well-trained professionals with substantial skills in software creation and perform their role as team leaders. They are involved in mathematical commands of programming languages and can solve problems in writing source code. If they use their design expertise and create different software, they have to possess a managerial role to oversee their department. 

How to become: Software development must hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science or IT. Previous experience in software development is countable to get a higher position.

What they earn: 101,000

General Practitioner

Like a family doctor, a general practitioner can quickly get in touch with patients and offer them integrated care. Their main duty is diagnosing the patient’s medical condition and implementing a better action plan rather than referring them to other medical specialists. 

How to become: Students who want to adopt a medical profession must complete a five-year medical degree program. International doctors must acquire verified credentials. After that, they will be able to work in Ireland. 

What they earn: €123,000

District Court Judge

What they do: District court judges in Ireland usually deal with four types of cases: family, criminal, law, licensing and civil.

How to become: A barrister must have 10 years of experience to appoint as a judge in District Court. Irish students who want to become a lawyer or judges must need to complete their law degree and a postgraduate degree. 

What they earn: €136,120

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

CEO is the highest-paid job in Ireland. As a CEO, one is required to lead teams and manage all departments, involve in strategic planning and resolve company issues.

These professional executives hold an elementary position in every business. 

Possessing this leading position requires years of experience. This is why it is suggested that if you are passionate about startups, turn your passion into a profession during your academic life. 

You might be worried about managing your assignments along with the startup! 

Hence, don’t panic; you can tell professionals to write my assignment and provide better guidance to equally divide my time between studies and job.   

How to become: A bachelor’s degree is needed in a field of business administration or economics. Several years of experience in management is accountable for the position of CEO. To reach the top position at the corporate level, an individual must need to have an entrepreneurial mindset and leadership skills.

Director Of Operations

What they do: The Director of Operations is the master of dealing with all the issues of business. From daily monitoring to running a company, evaluating employees’ productivity and studying the financial statements to review business procedures. Their key responsibility is to help any organization to grow through its operations. 

How to become: An MBA is required, and it is necessary to hold a bachelor’s degree in the same field to achieve the position of director of operation.

Sales Director 

What they do: Sales directors perform an executive role in the company. They hold a charge with a leading team of sales managers to target an ultimate objective for maximizing the business profit. They need to supervise sales plans, make effective strategies and maintain new market trends.

How to become: a bachelor’s degree in business administration or marketing. Previous experience in sales is valuable for the role of sales director. 

What they earn: €130,000

What they earn: €163,000

Finance Director

Finance directors are at the top of the list in Ireland. As the head of the team, a finance director performs the duties of team management and economic forecasting. These directors work nearly for the accounting and finance departments. They are responsible for setting annual budgets and making financial reports.

How to become:  A track of this career usually begins with a bachelor’s degree in finance or accounting. For the position of chief financial officer, a person needs to have decades of experience to get this role.

What they earn: €139,000

Final thoughts

Ireland is the hotspot for optimistic professionals who are seeking exciting job opportunities. Many multinational companies offer highly paid jobs for students in Ireland. The competition is expected to rise between the top-rated industries. If you want to upgrade your career and grab golden opportunities, Ireland is the ideal place to start a bright career. This fascinating country gives you more opportunities to grow that raise your income. Hope the above-mentioned high-rated job list benefits you in seeking the best-suited job.