Top Eco-Friendly Home D?cor Trends in 2022

Nowadays, when it is so critical to protect our planet’s health, most people want to focus on leaving as little environmental impact as possible when decorating their homes. The eco-style movement began in the 1990s and has had a grip on the public since then. Natural materials, light wood, and bright open spaces are the main characteristics of an eco-friendly interior. The notion of eco-design is well suited to modern technological advancements, which are focused on reducing waste. When it comes to the actual d?cor of a home or apartment, this design style is one of the most sought-after in 2022. Here are some tips on how to make your rooms look more eco-friendly and stylish, so read on.

1.   Light wood colors

The natural color of wood varies. Dark woods like teak and mahogany were a common design motif in the past but lighter woods like maple and rubberwood have been trending in recent years. There?s no doubt that light wood hues are here to stay. Lighter wood was introduced to the mainstream through the popular Scandinavian interior design style.

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Warmth and texture may be added to a room by using multiple shades of wood. However, if you have less room, you can use light-colored wood to help you make it look larger. Furthermore, this year, light-colored wood flooring will be all the rage. You can make your flooring pop by decorating it with the most gorgeous rugs from NZ made with sustainable practices in mind.

2.   Minimalism

Minimalism is becoming maximally present in the universe of interior design. It?s no wonder that this movement is gaining traction since the Earth’s resources continue to diminish each and every day. One of the greatest strategies to live sustainably is to buy only the things you really need and to minimize single-use purchases.

Furthermore, designers and homeowners are looking for open areas that are sparsely furnished. Luxurious touches may be added to any area with a few centerpieces and accessories, particularly those crafted by hand or from natural materials.

3.   Natural materials

Nature and the need for conserving it has been one of the more enticing ideas lately, fueled by the fact we?ve been spending our lives online for the last two years due to the pandemic. Sustainable and environmentally-friendly design is one way to bring nature closer to you and once again become in line with it. Moreover, it’s more eco-friendly to design your house with natural elements like wood, stone, and other organic materials. Stick to those with reduced carbon impact and use as little plastic as you possibly can. Plastic elements can make your home look artificial without even trying.

Houseplants are your greatest companions if you?d want to become one with nature, so try to include them more into your design ideas. It’s also a good idea to furnish your house with natural and biodegradable materials like wood, hemp, rattan, and others. Make sure to source your furniture locally since the environmental cost of transport can be detrimental to your carbon footprint.

4.   Color palette for the eco-friendly look

Picking out the fundamental colors for your interior may look like quite an intimidating chore. If you?d want to go as green as possible, think about including colors that you notice in your surroundings. Therefore, think about various hues of gray, earthy browns, smoky whites, sandstones, and pastel yellows and greens as the foundation of the eco-style.

However, in 2022, our horizons are starting to expand, making brighter colors also acceptable choices. For example, turquoise, mustard yellow, and coral will be seen in the d?cor of the most stylish rooms. The use of such vibrant hues isn?t necessary although they provide a great contrast to more calm natural tones. By using both bright and muted colors, you can create the harmony that can only be felt while alone with nature.

5.   Retro look

Second-hand and thrifting are becoming all the rage in the fashion industry and this trend?s reflection can be seen in the interior design world too. It?s easy to get lost at a flea market when looking for your next fun d?cor element. When you go thrifting for eclectic pieces to add to your design, don?t go with anything specific in mind. If you have a detailed image of an item you want in your head, it?s likely you?ll end up disappointed and with nothing to bring home.

Go without any expectations into your next thrifting spree and you will come back home with bags of fun little figurines that will make your home looks special. Another great thing about second-hand items is that they?re highly sustainable and eco-friendly. You?re essentially repurposing someone else?s waste, which is always a plus if you care about leading an eco-friendly lifestyle.

A color palette of a mix of bright tones and natural textures, minimalism, and thrifting will all contribute to creating the eco-friendly ambiance you so desperately want. Hopefully, these tips will help you find a balance with nature in your apartment or house.