Top 7 Attestation Service Providers in UAE

Attestation services are complicated and time-consuming procedures which is why it is always suggested to seek professional help when it comes to attestation procedures. Attestation companies in Dubai are well-trained and qualified in the field of Attestation. Attestation is merely the verification of legal or other types of papers obtained from the government or government-sponsored entities. It is critical to get documents certified before using them in Dubai or elsewhere.

Notary attestation, Home Department attestation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation, and Embassy authentication are all services offered by attestation companies in Dubai. To make your attestation process easy, we have created a list of the top 7 attestation service providers in the UAE:

1. Astute Attestation

Astute Attestation is a trusted and renowned company in the Middle Eastern emirates. They are involved in all aspects of the documentation industry, such as instructional report confirmation, non-instructive record verification, business archive authentication, and report management. Astute is a client-friendly organisation. Their record validation administrations are reliable, rapid, and less expensive.

Astute Attestation

Astute Attestation ensures that you are led and supported at every step of your certificate attestation for UAE procedure. They are united by a goal to provide a better solution for your endorsement verification conventions. Their mission is to achieve the highest level of consumer loyalty.

2. Prime Global

Prime Global is a well-known premium document attestation firm in the UAE, with offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah. Prime Global’s highly qualified employees provide quality attestation services for all types of certificates and documents for individuals, groups, and businesses.

They recognise the significance of speed for those who require documents to be certified swiftly, whether for studies, career prospects, or business-related problems. They are experts in managing document attestation services in UAE for all critical papers, providing quick and cost-effective services at a low cost.

3. Prompt Attestation Services

Prompt Attestation is a highly-reputed organisation focused on professionalism and a passion for what they do. Their ability and expertise exemplify togetherness and trust. They cater to customers from all around the world and are regarded as one of the most loyal and dependable service providers. They also specialise in Certificate Attestation from various Government Departments and Family Visas for the UAE. The company’s reach is not limited to the GCC; they also provide services in India, Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Australia, totalling more than 90 nations. 

4. Vital Certificates

Vital Certificates is a specialised firm that offers official attestation and translation services to expats from all over the world who live in the UAE and the GCC. They collaborate closely with the Department of Economic Development when company documents for UAE business formations require authentication. Their specialised team in Dubai will do everything necessary to ensure that the attestation process goes well and that you receive your freshly legalised documents as soon as possible.

5. Benchmark Attestation

Benchmark Attestation has been aiding people travelling or relocating to the UAE for many years. They are well-informed about every part of the documentation sector because they are one of the most trusted companies in the area. Academic document authentication, commercial document attestation, non-educational document attestation, you name it, they can handle it!

Benchmark Attestation places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. They strive to make the attestation process as simple as possible for their clients.

6. Globo Prime

Globo Prime is the UAE’s premier provider of certificate attestation services, with many years of experience. For ex-pats living or moving to the UAE, they provide efficient, dependable, and prompt attestation services. Many renowned corporations, groups, and individuals rely on them for rapid, secure, and high-quality attestation services. They offer quick and safe certificate attestation services for educational, non-educational, commercial, and other credentials. They oversee the entire procedure from start to finish. They have a 100% success rate in attestation services and are known in the UAE as the most trusted and reliable attestation firm.

7. Genius Attestation

Genius Attestation is one of Asia’s top document processing firms. They are headquartered in Dubai, UAE, and do business in nations around the Middle East, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, and the Indian subcontinent. Their ISO-certified methods, as well as a workforce of over 300 individuals scattered over 80 offices worldwide, ensure: ? Efficient document and credential gathering, ? On-time completion of procedures, and ? Prompt deliveries to clients’ doorsteps anywhere in the world. Their document attestation service is dependable, quick, and cost-effective while adhering to the greatest business standards. They work hard to give the best and most customer-friendly services possible.

There are numerous advantages to hiring the services of a reputable attestation service provider. These companies have a specialised section for document attestation and apostille, which is handled by highly qualified and equipped personnel. A qualified service removes the majority of the obstacles in your path and speeds up the process.

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