Top 6 PHP Web Development Trends for Product Owners in 2021

popular PHP frameworks

Nowadays, PHP is considered one of the most comprehensive technologies in web development as it covers around 50% of active websites on the internet. However, there is also a mixed opinion of product owners about this technology. Some of them prefer PHP as the premier technology and hire PHP developers for building a variety of web solutions. But some product owners may define it as an outdated technology in web development.

Although a small number of people may consider it outdated, PHP still is and will be a reliable server-side scripting language for web development. It has a robust presence in 2021 and a bright future.

Here, we will discuss the top six PHP web development trends for product owners in 2021.

An Overview of PHP

In essence, PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is an open-source scripting language. This popular programming language is widely used for building several comprehensive web solutions ranging from a straightforward personal blog to a full-fledged eCommerce site. You can also embed PHP in HTML to develop varied websites and web applications.

popular PHP frameworks

Top Six PHP Web Development Trends

Following are the top six PHP web development trends every product owner should follow in 2021:

Robust Website Security

In the current alarming situation of cyber-attacks worldwide, cybersecurity has become a menace to every active website. These cyber-attacks cost millions of dollars worldwide to individuals, organizations, and governments.

The latest report by Statista says that the estimated average cost of a data breach around the world is 3.86 million USD. Hence you should prefer stringent measures to protect your website and data from various cyber threats.

PHP development tools come with compatibility to integrate robust cybersecurity solutions to ensure your website?s safety against various cyber threats. You can choose from the most popular PHP frameworks like Laravel for your website or web application to harness its existing security features.

Smart Chatbots

For every big or small enterprise, customer assistance is an integral and essential component of its business. Providing hassle-free, smooth, and quick resolution to the customers? problems is really important for businesses.

Conventional customer assistance methods like direct in-store visits or phone calls are becoming outdated in this rapidly growing world. These quaint practices are not only time-consuming but are also inaccessible for the majority of people.

On the other hand, Customers can interact with chatbots just like they interact with human assistance for information, queries, receiving documents, resolving tech issues. And general guidance. Smart Chatbots are emerging as a reliable and comprehensive method for businesses to resolve customers? problems and offer them suitable resolution quickly and conveniently.

Cloud Integration With PHP

The rapid increment in the cloud infrastructure market worldwide in the past few years says a lot about implementing cloud technologies. More businesses are now investing in cloud services. On the other hand, the leading server-side scripting language PHP is used by more than half of the active websites on the web. Cloud integration with PHP has also become an emerging PHP web development trend.

This combination of these extensive technologies can help you develop scalable, cost-effective, and flexible web solutions to fulfill the varied needs of your project.

Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP)

A web page with a fascinating view and faster loading time in both mobile web browsers and desktop already wins the trust of half of its users. Nowadays, users mostly choose to visit websites via smartphones and tablets, but they immediately shut them down if they find slow loading speed.

It ultimately results in an increment in the user?s bounce rate figures. Therefore product owners must make the site?s speed a priority to keep their users stick to their websites. Here Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP) can help you to boost up your site?s user retention rate.

AMP is an open-source initiative project helpful for the optimization of mobile pages and makes them faster and appealing. You can enable the AMP versions for your PHP-based website, and it would surely help you improve your website’s ranking on various search engines.

PHP Web Development With the Internet of Things(IoT)

IoT or the Internet of Things is a rapidly emerging technology field that makes a finely connected device suite. PHP being a dynamic programming language, is entirely compatible with IoT.

PHP integration with IoT is a gradually emerging trend in PHP web development that can gain huge popularity in the near future. You can use any of the most popular PHP frameworks like Codelgniter, Laravel, Symfony, etc., which are suitable for implementing IoT.

User Interface Trends

A more receptive and convenient user Interface is a doorway to the growth of a website. It is also a leading PHP web development trend, and websites are competing to become more user-centric. The User Interface of a website makes an impression on the visitors when they visit a website.

A negative impression would affect the image of a brand badly. You can hire PHP web developers to build a quality website and web application with a user-friendly look and feel.

So many PHP frameworks. Templating engines and development tools are available to help you build a user-friendly and feature-rich web application that offers seamless navigation.

Wrapping Up

PHP is an extensive server-side programming language that is mainly used for building innovative web solutions, whether your idea is a blogging site, eCommerce store, or web application. As a product owner, you could utilize this comprehensive technology to build dynamic web pages. Several other server-side languages are available in the market, but PHP is still the first choice of millions of web developers and product owners worldwide.

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