Tired Of Clearing Blocked Drains All Day? Here Are Some Tips

Is your sink overflowing? It is a nightmare when you find your toilet clogged in the morning and you have to call a plumber to clear blocked drains. If you maintain your drains properly, you can avoid such sudden issues. People tend to ignore the schedule maintenance of their drains until anything goes wrong.

However, you need to spend a huge amount if your drains are clogged, and you might need to replace your underground drainage lines. You can follow some DIY tricks to clean your drains to avoid such problems.  

DIY Tips And Techniques For Clearing Blocked Drains 

Clearing blocked drains is a hectic and time consuming job as most people don?t acutally want to deal with such a mess. However, there are homemade solutions for clearing blocked drains where you can mix baking soda with hot water and pour it into your drains to remove the oil and grease from your drainage lines. You can pour hot water and cover your drain with a plug for half an hour. It is better to leave your drain overnight after applying this solution.

The chemical reaction of this solution will break down the rigid and solid food particles deposited inside your drains and remove them from your pipes. You can clean or flush your drains with normal water to clean it properly. If you have PVC pipes, you must use warm water instead of hot water. Apart from that, you can follow the below-mentioned tricks for clearing blocked drains:  

  • At first, you can mix vinegar, salt and lemon in a bowl and pour this mixture into your drains. Then leave your drains for a few hours and clean them with warm water. As salt is known to have antiseptic properties, and lemon the power to remove the bacterias from drains, these two items can keep your home healthy and fresh.  But, this solution cannot remove the solid objects from your drains. 
  • For clearing blocked drains and removing the solid objects from your drains, you can take a hanger and straighten it to make a plunger. Then you can use this auger or drain snake to remove the solid objects from your drains. You can also find such plungers or snakes in your nearest hardware store, and you can use the same for clearing blocked drains. 
  • If you have a wet and dry vacuum cleaner,, you can clean your drains. It is advised to turn on the wet mode of your cleaner and use it to clean your drains. Some clogs are stubborn and rigid in nature, and you need to create a vacuum pressure to clean these clogs. 
  • You can also use some cleaning solutions available in your nearest hardware store for cleaning your drains. It would be best if you chose a chemical-free solution. You can use this solution twice a month to keep your drains in good condition. 
  • It is better to hire cleaning specialists for clearing blocked drains because they use highly-fucntionaltools to clean the clogged or blocked drains. Apart from that, you cannot find some clogs from the underground sewage system for which you need tohire a cleaning specialist in this regard. Blocked drain cleaning professionals can use CCTVs to identify the clogged areas, and they will remove such clogs from your drains. They can also reline your drains with PVC materials if required. 

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Final Words 

Finally, hiring trained professionals for clearing blocked drains can provide you with multiple benefits. Doing so will ensure that you don?tdeal with foul smells, oils, and grease. They can also provide a limited warranty on their services, and you can claim a free service if you notice any problem with your drains.?

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