In the world of self-publishing,? writing and publishing the book is half the struggle, the rest is another story.? Yet it is much easier to be successful in self-publishing than in traditional publishing with its long waiting times and the possibility of the author?s manuscript getting seen and then getting selected.? Thus, self-publishing seems like a better alternative, however one must still be able to promote and sell their books as without this they can never hope to convert their passion into a serious profession.?

Self-publishing a book is when the author is responsible for every step of the process from funding the publishing as well as for selling and promoting the books and that is why we have made this comprehensive guide so that new authors who are into self-publishing can be in a better position to sell and promote their book.?

Book Publishers in India
  • Appearance – Appearance is paramount when it comes to self-publishing as appearance can be the deciding factor between a potential reader picking up your book and simply skipping your book for the next one.  And by appearance, we mean everything from the theme the book is following to the cover art as well as the art if you may choose to inside the book and the description which one usually can find at the back of the book.  Speaking of description, this is the second most important thing that the reader looks at while making the conscious decision to purchase your book and thus the description must be crisp as well as all-encompassing and must exactly be a description, that describes your book perfectly. Thus, it is always good to write down a few descriptions and then let your near and dear ones choose which one would most likely compile them to buy the book. 
  • Garnering reviews ? If you are willing to organically push and sustain their book sales then there is no better option than to have positive reviews and these reviews may be online or maybe spread through word of mouth.  Reviews have been and will always be the best indicator to a potential reader and therefore you must try everything in your power to get people to read your books and review them as well.  This may seem challenging but with enough persuasion and honesty, you can be sure that there are genuine readers who are willing to review your book.  If you are still not being able to find people willing to review your book then you must ask your friends and their friends as well as your family members to review the books for you and one thing you must keep in mind is to ask them to be not biased. 
  • Planning a book launch- A book launch is a primary place for audiences and readers to come in the periphery of your book and you must plan this accordingly.  You must always start planning your book launch by doing extensive research about book launches and that includes going and visiting other book launches to get an idea about the scope of things and how things operate.  Then you must shortlist people you want to invite to your book launch and you must try to include people who are already involved in the literary world and might have valuable connections that you might use.  You must also make sure to invite as many people as you can and that includes media invites as well. You can choose to keep light refreshments for your guests at the event as nothing can go wrong with a little refreshment.  And finally, you must be certain of the event flow and must take extensive care to be at the top of it and be sure that the audience stays engaged at all times. 

These were a few of the ways a new author can make sure their self-published book gets the proper exposure it deserves. These days there are quite a few good Book Publishers in India that make sure that all the above criteria are met.?

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