5 Tips to select a best MBA college

Selecting the right MBA program is one of the major decisions of an MBA aspirant?s life and it should be. Because what are we today just because of the choices we made in the past and what we would be tomorrow that solemnly depends on today?s decisions?

The human mind has immense power and potential. The human mind?s probability to take the right decisions improves when it is calm and peaceful. According to discovery magazine, a normal human being’s mind in the awakened state generates 20k thoughts in a single day, so there is a natural tendency to sway away with thoughts. Adding up to that new management institutes coming up every other week and icing on the cake all MBA colleges claim they are the best MBA colleges in the country.

Definitely, all of these would give a tough hustle to aspirants’ decisions making process. Even it forces aspirants to end up in a dilemma while selecting the best business school. And once a person entrap in a dilemma,  gradually it 

turns into a state of abeyance that leads to take wrong decisions, that are inadvertent.

So one required a concrete way to follow while choosing the right B-school hence we are going to discuss here some steps and tips that will help students during the best MBA college selection process, Let’s discuss them here one by one.

1). Ask yourself: Why do you want to do an MBA degree?

The education sector has become more commercialized than ever and as an aspirant, if you have scored enough marks in the CAT or other top 30 b-schools entrance tests then you would be at a sweet spot, if not then you have to ponder upon other institutes’ lists.

The recent data revealed that admissions to b-schools in India rose to 4.03 lakh students across 3,107 institutes in 2021-22. Merely 8%-10% of students get enrolled in top management schools. Then what about the other 90% of MBA aspirants??

Should All the hopes have been shattered of an aspirant after not getting admission in the country?s top 30 b-schools? The answer would be probably no, why?

There?s still hope to do an MBA degree from a better PGDM college but you need to be alert enough or I would say need to be awakened and ask questions to your self why are you aspiring to do an MBA?

The answer would depend on your career plan but there is one thing certain you can explore other options that look still promising and you can get a second chance to add extra feathers to your cape by doing an MBA. 

There are several other institutes in India that are very good in different-different dimensions, some institutes avail business-cases-based learning, some provide experienced faculty and others give equal opportunity for placements and job offerings.

2). Pedagogy & Experience faculty:

Now you have answers and reasons, why you want to do an MBA. But let me tell you one fact that nobody shares with anyone is that Education?s role in a human being’s life is to awaken the mind and inculcate curiosity while developing the personality. And employment is merely a by-product of education.

Probably everyone?s answer would be different to doing an MBA but definitely sole motive is to acquire managerial and business skills which will indirectly impact the utility of aspirants that can lead to grabbing better job opportunities.?

Out there in the market, there is huge chaos among institutes and every university and college claiming they are the best college in the city and country. So as a student, you have to look for innovative curriculum and teaching methods that go beyond just theory. There should be a practical approach, group discussions, self-evaluation, real-time problem-solving, interactions with industry experts, and more. So, look for this while looking for an MBA college. And above all faculty should be experienced that can be very helpful in consulting and guiding.

3). College Infrastructure

Infrastructure is an important aspect of an MBA college it comprises a library, auditorium, books, playground, etc. MBA is a multidimensional course in which infra helps in overall personality development and gaining practical business acumen in several topics and subjects students require team interactions, open discussion, and interactions over several business problems and cases. So if you have shortlisted a few colleges, make sure you do a campus visit. You are going to be spending two important years of your life here, so make sure the infrastructure is good and even have a basic infrastructure that meets the demand of course.

4).? Placement Records:

Rarely, do we find any MBA college that doesn?t provide placements? even most of claimed 100% placements. They know no one will further inquire about the data of placements and talk about the average salary offerings. Remember, the best companies go to the best b-schools this is obvious but as aspirants, it’s your responsibility to check the data of campus-visited companies and their average and highest salary offerings and the number of selections.

5).? International, Business exposure and Alumni:

The best way to get feedback is to contact the person who has been in the same kind of experience before you, If you know any alumni then nothing is better than to get feedback from the alumni. ?You can also ask about placements, education, faculty, personal experience, and his important takeaways.

We are living in a globalized world so make sure your Institutes have a global connection and exposure through an international standard curriculum, overseas internship and placement opportunities, and student exchange programs.

The location of the college also plays an important role if you have a list of colleges from Delhi Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, etc the chances you will get international & top corporate exposure. But today some prominent education hubs emerged in the country like Indore. Management colleges in Indore witnessed huge international exposure and set aside a new milestone in the field of business education. The first city in India which has IIT and IIM both and It has a strong pipeline of other private B-schools.

Final thought:

An aspirant who missed the first spot of top b-schools then he or she should follow the above points and know for which MBA college you are destined. There may not be any clear guidelines or rules or regulations for choosing an MBA college but there are certain parameters you can measure MBA college against them, blindly believing anyone will cause an accident to your MBA journey.

An MBA degree cost 2 years and a lot of money, so make sure you are in the right place for the next 2 years where you would be able to add extra feathers to your cape that will put you on the path of success.